York win Women's 1's tennis


Four points for York in the Women's 1's tennis

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Image by Josh Haining

By Ellen Morris

After a long practice session from both team York and Lancaster, the 10:00 start time was delayed, with the first Doubles match finally getting underway at 10:45. The Women’s Tennis matches were taking place indoors inside the bubble dome, and the weather was tropical. Representing Lancaster in the Women’s Tennis 1’s team were Rachel, Louisa, Sarah, Jen, LC, and Micky. York’s Women’s Tennis 1’s team was represented by Kath, Olivia, Sasha, Amelia, Ania, and Liv. Both teams were looking confident and ready to compete for the four points!

It was a multi-tasking watch as all three courts were on the go at once, but the competition kickstarted on the left court. York broke the opponent’s serve and started ahead. They continued to win the first set of the day 6-2, calmly played by Kath and Olivia. This was a quick and exciting beginning to the big coverage of tennis. Their second set, composed of even more smoothly won games, ending 6-1. York taking the first tennis victory of the day!

On the right side court, the 1st seed for doubles played, with a steady start that put them 3-0 up early on, only half an hour in. With a crowd growing around the courts, the tension and temperature in the dome was rising rapidly. Ania’s powerful serve notably followed their game through, winning 6-1 in the first set. Lancaster equalising on sets led to a tiebreak in which we were victorious, winning 10-4. Another amazing York win.

However, on the centre court the match was extremely tight. Sasha and Amelia from York playing Jen and Micky of Lancaster. This was a long match which looked equally tiring, eventually, Lancaster took the first set win 4-6 on games. Unfortunately, the continuing games did not go York's way, but it was an extremely valiant effort from Sasha and Amelia. This concluded an overall women’s doubles win to York with two matches to Lancaster’s one.

I went over to the Lancaster side to have a chat after the matches with Jen and Micky from Lancaster, sharing their thoughts after the match. “It was an intense game, anyone could have won. The red ribbons pulled us through it.” Talking to Rachel, she said “It was an unbelievable atmosphere, and the teams performed great under pressure.”

Moving to the York side, the Women’s Tennis 1st Captain Ania said, "I'm very proud of all my girls, It’s a strong start winning the Doubles, good luck for the Singles!”. Kath, winner of her doubles match, noted “The heat is horrendous, but we have the potential to go the whole way”. And so they did!

At this point, the indoor tennis arena was at boiling point, heated up by the sun blazing overhead. So much so, the players were concerned that the temperature was becoming “dangerous” threatening players' health and the matches. It most definitely did not feel like we were in springtime England, with everyone sweating and gasping for water. Nonetheless, the Women’s Tennis 1st teams persevered, and everyone played amazingly!

The following singles games were all long and tense. With notable set wins from Amelia, with a great 6-1 set win for York, and Liv with a set win of 6-2. The effort from all the players in the arena was impeccable today, with an incredible team spirit, and the utmost respect for the players on the opposite team.

In the end, York took the singles win, with an overall match score of 4-2, with Olivia winning the final game. The group huddled and cheered as they realised they had won the 4 points for York! It was an amazing win for the York Women’s 1st team, conquering both the doubles and singles matches, winning with an overall 6-3. It was a long day from 10:40 until 16:30, but the results ensured the hard work and effort paid off.