York win mixed lacrosse


The University of York mixed Lacrosse team are victorious over Lancaster with an score of 8-4

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Image by Maya Upmacis

By Maya Upmacis

It’s 13.00 on a Saturday and the University of York Lacrosse mixed dev team are untroubled by the threat of Lancaster’s training and adoring spectators on the right hand side of the pitch. In fact, they are confident as Will Smith, attacker for the men’s first team, puts it: “we’re going to batter them”. This optimism is certainly not misplaced as just an hour before, York women's second team thrashed Lancaster with an overall score of 22-3, with half of York’s points scored just before half-time was called.

The whistle blows to signal the beginning of the first quarter and York start off on top form as they immediately have possession of the ball and score. After this goal, spectators witnessed talented defending from York and a lot of action on their offensive territory of the pitch (where the Lancaster goalie resides). The York mixed team, however, displayed an indomitable spirit in spite of Lancaster’s advances, they went on to score three goals, raising the score to 3-0 to York by the end of the first quarter. After a short interval between the first and second quarter, we saw Lancaster demonstrate strategic passing and dominating possession of the ball and, although York's Defending was good evidenced by the many impressive saves from the goalkeeper, they ultimately scored (3-1 to York). We witnessed a substitution for goalies here too. Once again, Lancaster’s goal did not crush the spirits of the York mixed Lacrosse team, because another goal was scored, rounding up the score to 5-2 to York by the end of halftime.

The beginning of the second half of the game saw less action from York and gave the spotlight to Lancaster more as they actively positioned themselves tactically, proving beneficial as they scored after possessing the ball for much of the first five minutes of the short quarter (5-3 to York). York did have a fleeting time at the goal but it was ultimately hindered by Lancaster's defence. We witnessed an attempt at a score from York but the aerial shot was well over the bar of the goal although the many opportunities from York to score were promising for taking the advantage over Lancaster in the final quarter.

In the last fifteen minutes of the game, there seemed to be a psychological element at play, a switch flicks in the collective mind of the York team as they realise that Lancaster are not a team to contest if they are raising their score because during the final quatre of the game, York seem to go full force onto Lancaster, as if their efforts in the last three quarters were unchallenging. They scored within five minutes of this quarter, a clear aim right into the bottom of the net. After this goal, both teams are back to the centre and play is restarted at a kick off and York instantly drives through the centre of the pitch and scores again, a final and impressive score from York at 14.30. Lancaster also scored with just a few minutes left before full time, a final shove to equalise the match and although they played exhaustively, York trumped the scoreboard with an outstanding final score of 8 - 4 to York. As team member Alex Weir summed it up, it was “an absolute barnburner”, whatever that might mean.