York Victorious across Men’s and Women’s 2’s team Badminton matches


York pick up four points in Men's and Women's Badminton 2's

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Image by Chris Stapleton

By Chris Stapleton

At 9:00am, both York’s and Lancaster’s male and female 2’s team badminton players were hard at work practising in the York Sports Centre main hall. The setup of the events would see multiple men’s and women’s matches, up to four at a time, being played simultaneously across the morning. Each game, played by duos, would play until the standard 21 points, the scores adding up to form the overall badminton winner.

The first games of the morning saw a variety of results, at 9:23 one of the first men’s games saw total domination from York, who raced to 17 points within a matter of two minutes, dominating Lancaster. The players, David and Gupta, gave York their first win at a whopping score of 21-4.

The women’s game got off to a rockier start for York, with Lancaster leading 5-3. York, however, was swift to overtake, by 9:28 leading with a score of 10-8, both teams executing a range of brilliant shots.

By 9:30, York’s male team has faced both its first win and first loss, beginning round three with a vengeful 4-2 lead. Meanwhile, in the women’s game, Lancaster overtakes once more with a 19-16 lead, the match remaining close.

As Lancaster wins the first women’s match, another starts which sees York leading with a glorious 6-3 by 9:36. At 9:37, York men’s sees another win with an incredible 21-10 domination.

York women’s team continue to be in the lead with a 14-11 score, while Lancaster wins one men’s game. By 9:45, York women defeat Lancaster with an excellent 21-16 score.

At 10:04, another women’s match begins, with the Lancaster women’s team taking a 4-2 lead, progressing to 6-2, before scoring for seven. All the while York races to catch up, scoring eventually for six, one point behind the opponent.

At 10:10, York women’s team takes a 13-12 lead, however, are swiftly tied by Lancaster at 13-13. At 10:13 one of York’s female players scores an excellent point, falling as she does so, taking them to a 17th goal. Finally, the intense game draws at 21-21, until Lancaster beats York out at 22, followed by 23.

By 10:40, York’s male team takes home two victories, one scored 21-11, and the other scored 21-10. A new game begins at 10:42, played by Davis and Gupta, which York dominates 21-13 with a range of excellent goals from both players.

By 11:09 however, Lancaster women’s team have collected their own fair share of wins with scores 21-15 and 21-19, two incredibly close matches.

York men’s next game, played by Boxall and Fraser, sees York maintain a lead which starts at 6-3, ventures to 14-11, and ends with 21-17 with either side scoring a range of amazing goals. Boxall and Fraser play again, almost immediately, with a second win, Boxall sending the shuttlecock flying to victory with a 21-18 score at 11:42.

The competition ends with two women’s games, the first an incredibly close match played by Ghosh and Abbott, York beginning the game ahead until Lancaster comes back with a 14-14 tie. By 12:04, Lancaster beats York with an incredibly close score of 21-18.

Meanwhile, a second and final York women’s game begins, in which York maintains a strong lead. Climbing from 10-8, to 15-11, to 19-11, and finally 21-12, York women’s team ends the competition on a high with an astounding domination.