Lancaster wins men’s handball


Lancaster add four points to their tally

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Image by Chris Stapleton

By Chris Stapleton

At 15:30, the men’s handball competition began in Arena 1, Lancaster taking automatic lead in the first five minutes with a 4-2 score. York had the first penalty of the game, which was saved by Lancaster’s keeper.

At 15:37, Lancaster took a shot, which missed, at the York net, causing the crowd to erupt into a cheer supporting York. York swiftly recovered from the miss, racing to Lancaster’s net and taking a shot which was once again saved.

York takes another penalty at 15:39 which was once again saved by Lancaster’s keeper. Lancaster swiftly took possession and took a shot on goal which was saved by York’s keeper. However, Lancaster’s shot at 15:42 manages to land, racing past York’s keeper.

At 15:47, York’s player number 2 manages to land another goal for the team, taking them to three points. Lancaster was swift to rebut however, changing the score board to 8-3. Over the next ten minutes, the two teams exchanged a flurry of shots taking them to a 9-7 score, Lancaster leading.

This pattern continued as the two teams competed neck in neck, by 16:20 settling at 12-10 to Lancaster. As Lancaster saved an incredible shot by York, the crowd grew wild yelling “Let’s go York!”, at the top of their lungs, encouraging the team to push forward.

Encouraged by the support of their crowd, York swiftly landed another shot taking the score to 12-11, only one point between the two teams. However, following this, Lancaster achieved a series of goals of their own, taking the score to 17-12 by 16:30.

At 16:33 York performed a tremendous save, the keeper catching the ball between arm and leg, the crowd cheering. Following this York scored and Lancaster missed the following penalty.  At 16:38, York scores their last goal bringing them to 15 points, Lancaster winning the match on 20 goals, racing from 17 to 20 in the space of only five minutes.

As the game ends, both teams embrace and are greeted by immense support from their respective crowds, whose support was some of the best which Roses has seen.