Lancaster win Men's 1's tennis


Lancaster pick up four points in the Men's tennis

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Image by Ellen Morris

By Ellen Morris

The Men’s Tennis 1’s games began late just before 17:00, instead of the original time of 14:00 due to a delay from the prior Women’s Tennis 1’s games. The delay is justified by the awesome win that the York players brought.

The doubles did not last long, as York’s team quickly succeeded over Lancaster. Fabian and Noah from York won their first set with 6-3, and soon after, won their second set with another 6-3. Their pace and strength on the court was incredible, with a powerful serve that led them to victory. The next set won was York’s, with a quick 6-4. Followed soon after by a 6-1 win. This was met with a huge cheer of applause from all the audience, as it was all four players’ first time playing tennis at Roses. Peter was a key player in this match, and followed through with this title within the upcoming singles match. On the next court, Lancaster won the first set, with 6-4, and lost their second, with 4-6 to York. In the tiebreak, Lancaster secured the match with a 10-7 win. It was a great series of games, with plenty of support from those sitting around the court.

Finishing doubles, York was taking the lead of the Men’s Tennis 1st.

As singles began, there was tension concerning time in the courts. Some players moved outside, so six games were simultaneously played, instead of just the three courts inside. In the first court, Lancaster won the initial game; it was very close between Ellis, from York, and Michael, from Lancaster. Ellis was encouraged amazingly by the York team, after the initial 1-6 set he won, and throughout the whole match. However the next set created a draw between them, with 6 - 4 to Lancaster; this called for a tiebreak in which Lancaster won 10 - 8. This game fell into the hands of Lancaster.

The next game, played by Fabian from York, and Dom from Lancaster granted York an impressive win. The first set won York 6-1. Fabian then endured muscle cramps in his leg and was brought Deep Heat by the York Captain, Tom. Nevertheless, Fabian continued playing, as the opponent noticeably played this to his advantage, and had Fabian running from the far left to the far right to volley the ball. This game was hard to take your eyes off, as we watched in hopes he could pull through - and he did! York won 7-5!

The “Match of the Day”, named by fellow players, was between Peter, from York, and Alex, from Lancaster. In the first set, York won 7-5. Conversely, in the second set, York lost 2-6. This was an intense match as the score for York dropped from seven to two between sets - supporters were on edge as they anticipated the tiebreak. This was a long, and close set, but York took the win with 11-9! All of the crowded spectators and teammates ran to hug Peter after the success, it was a moment to cherish for the team spirit!

The following 2 matches were won by Lancaster. The first match resulted in 7-6 in their first set, and 6-3 in their second set. This was a close call but Lancaster took the reins! In the next match, York lost to Lancaster 6-1 in both sets. This was still a remarkable play from both sides, and well done to Lancaster!

Finally, after four hours of tennis, the deciding game began. This was between Parshan, representing Lancaster, and Luke, the former York Men’s Tennis 1st Captain. The first set won to Lancaster with 7-5, and the second flipped to Lancaster losing 6-2. The tiebreak then commenced. Everyone stood watching in anticipation, with heads turning in synchronisation to the movement of the ball. As the games hit 4-4, the supporters were sweating, until Parshan took Lancaster to the win of 4-6! The Lancaster team cheered and huddled, it was a great win from them.

Speaking to the Men’s Tennis 1st Captain, Tom, he said, “I’m very proud of the performance. Everyone played very well and it could have gone either way. There was good tennis from both teams.” An honourable mention to Tom for enabling the tennis to run smoothly, keeping score in a sport which had no umpire, and ensuring Nouse was updated on the ins-and-outs of the matches.

The York Men’s Tennis 1st team lost 5-4 today, and the York Men’s Tennis 2nd team also lost 5-4 overall. York and Lancaster are incredible rivals, with skill sets that challenge each other well. Well done to Lancaster today, and of course to York too!