Lancaster beat ambitious York to secure victory in Mixed Ultimate Frisbee


Lancaster add another point to their tally on the final day of Roses 2023

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By James Clay

The weather, being as influential as it is during an outdoor ultimate frisbee match, would have disappointed players, providing a moderate, albeit fluctuating, breeze. Despite this potential challenge, both sides battled it out hard in a tensely fought match. Although York eventually lost with seven points to Lancaster’s 11, they showed ambitious skill and a keen willingness to take risks and play creatively.

The match began with Lancaster dominating possession, despite impressively close pressure from the York players. This possession naturally led to two early points from Lancaster’s Leake whose ability to see holes in the defensive line of York set the tone for the rest of the match.

Despite this initial setback, York battled harder and quickly managed to retake possession, deep in Lancaster’s half. As a result, Palomurto secured York’s first point. During the first quarter, both sides played intensive frisbee with tight, close passing and brilliant runs from players.

By the time the first quarter had come to an end though, Lancaster were very much on top, having secured two more points from Vero and Tanner Smith. In between those two points, York’s Goodman also won York a point with an impressive run and catch in the end zone.

On the back foot, York took the second quarter as an opportunity to play more ambitious and creative frisbee. In contrast to Lancaster, who worked as a fairly tight team, York’s long distance throwing really set them apart in regard to pure throwing ability. Despite this, not all players were on the same wavelength as those who were making the throws.

Arguably, York were the better team during the second quarter, playing more open frisbee and using the sides of the pitch much more effectively. As a result, Goodman, Griffiths and Sparks all secured a point each to boost York’s confidence and narrow Lancaster’s lead. That being said, Tom Jackson managed to gain Lancaster two points throughout the second quarter, due to his pace and ability to find an extra yard of space in the end zone.

As the match began its third quarter, the intensity of the game naturally dropped slightly as attacking players began to tire. This resulted in long passes from York and defensive play working more effectively to block throws being caught in the end zone. The third quarter only saw one point, which occurred when Lancaster’s Vero exploited the opportunity of a retake deep in York’s side.

One contrast between the two sides was that Lancaster tended to play in the centre of the pitch with smaller passes at a slightly slower pace but with greater clinical accuracy in the throws. York used the sides of the pitch more effectively but had a few too many throws hitting the ground.

Although Lancaster may have dominated the final quarter, a mention has to be given to York’s Cook whose ability to bend the frisbee over great distances was head and shoulders above any throw from Lancaster. Good team playing and more gaps in York’s defence led to three more points for Lancaster in the final quarter, secured by Cramer, Baker and Mansfield. That being said, York didn’t go the final quarter without a point as Griffths secured another.

At certain points throughout the match, York looked as if they could claw back a victory but Lancaster had a tighter defence and more disciplined passing so came out victorious. Despite this, York can hold their head up high for never dropping the skill, nor the hunger to win. On another day, the scoreline may have been different.

An impressive display of sportsmanship ended the game nicely with both sides congratulating each other’s performance. Any contentious moments were dealt with professionally and in good faith.