York win Women's Rugby Union 2's


Another two points for York in the Women's Rugby Union

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Image by Florence Head

By Florence Head

The sidelines are packed and York is ready to take on Lancaster. Both teams run onto the pitch, one side in red and the other in black and gold. Lots of shouting and signs means there was no lack of support!

The game started swiftly, straight away a penalty was given to York followed by a line out. Resulting in a York win, the perfect conditions of the weather meant the players were more determined than ever. At 12.32, a yellow card was awarded to Lancaster number 13 after a faulty tackle.

For the next line out, the ball wasn’t straight however York won the second time. York edged closer to the try line as Vikita, number 11, scored an amazing try! Score was currently 5-0 to York.

The game moved onwards to a scrum for Lancaster although York pulled back another win. Unfortunately, there was a York injury at 12.51pm. Number 17 subbed on for number 1 and this was followed by another penalty to York!

Due to a head injury, there was an uncontested scrum - this gave a penalty to York. A penalty to Lancaster meant there was a Lancaster scrum due to a knock on. As they tried to run it against the line, Lancaster went for a try but York held it up!

At half time, the score is 5-0 to York! There was a penalty to Lancaster on the try line which was firstly held up but they swiftly scored afterwards. At 1.30pm, this made the score 5-5!

Quickly, York scored again at 1.41pm from number 19. She makes the conversion so the score becomes 12-5 to York. Afterwards, Lancaster had a penalty kick which made the score 12-8 to York.

Just before the end of the game, there was a line out since York pushed a girl out of the pitch. They lost this but the final call went and another win to York! Players and supporters alike streamed the pitch to celebrate!