York take victory over Lancaster in Netball 1's match


York continued a run of good form from the BUCS season to take victory over Lancaster in the highly anticipated Netball 1’s fixture

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Image by Hannah Carley

By Hannah Carley

Netball is often one of the most popular sports at Roses, and this year was clearly no exception, with a large and energetic audience turning out for the final fixture for this sport across the weekend. Both teams had supporters rallying behind them and were focused ahead of the start of the first quarter.

York started the game with clear intent, scoring the first point of the match mere seconds after the first whistle. They quickly followed this up with two more to take an early lead. However, the first quarter in all would go to Lancaster, who made up for a slow start with a dominant display for the majority of the quarter, going ahead to finish three points ahead, with a score of 15 to York’s 12.

The second quarter saw a change in the dynamics of the game, with York making some changes to their lineup which would prove crucial. The home side quickly pulled back, equalising early into the quarter. York continued to find space and work well as a team, their change in momentum seeming to briefly rattle their opponents. York GA and England Under-19 Bridget Morgan was crucial to this comeback after coming on at the start of the quarter, showcasing great speed and accuracy despite being the youngest player on the pitch today.

Lancaster remained strong overall, but not strong enough to stop York moving into the lead at the halfway point, with a score of 25 to 19.

York continued to pull away after halftime, at one point opening up a ten point lead to their opponents. However, Lancaster remained determined and their supporters stuck behind them as they worked to close the gap. A standout performance for them came from their centre, current VP Sports at Lancaster University Student Union Megan Homburg, who showcased great speed and stamina throughout the game. The third quarter ended however, with an increased gap ahead for York, as the home side led 40 - 31.

Despite a continued show of determination and strength from Lancaster, York managed to maintain their lead throughout the final quarter, to the joy of the home supporters who had turned out for the game. Lancaster were able to edge back and reduce the deficit in the final minutes, but it was not enough to stop York today. The match ended with some of the most exuberant celebrations of the tournament from York, with the 2’s and 3’s congratulating the 1’s on a well earned four points for the overall Roses tally.