One for York and one for Lancaster in the Fencing 2’s


York clinch the point available in the Fencing 2's

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Image by Gracie Daw

By Chris Stapleton

At 9:13 both York and Lancaster’s second teams went head-to-head. The competition was split into three parts relating to the type of blade used, first came foil, then epee, and finally sabre.

For foil, Lancaster’s women’s team took the first two hits, yet for the men’s team it was York who came into the lead. In their first game, York’s male team won 5-1, and their female team secured victory at 5-4.

In their second duel, York’s male team continued to decimate winning a 10-4 victory at 9:19, as their female team continued to succeed with 10-7 by 9:21. By 9:23, Lancaster’s men’s team began to pick up traction, but were still trailing behind York at 13-8. Likewise, Lancaster’s women’s team began to creep up with the score at 15-11 to York, and 15-12 to their male counterparts.

By 9:42, Lancaster’s female team began to close the gap between the two at 27-26, finally tied at 9:46 with 32-32. At 9:49, Lancaster’s female team overtakes to 37-34, upping their score to 40-35 before winning.

At 9:42 for the men’s team, York almost doubles Lancaster’s score with 30-17, continuing to dominate with scores such as 39-26, and 42-31 as the game continues. Eventually, York’s men’s team defeats Lancaster in their foil bout.

However, when all teams switched to epee the scores took a turn. Although York’s men’s team opened with 4-2, seemingly taking the lead once more, Lancaster swiftly took the lead from them, by 10:05 soaring to 14-7. York attempted to get back on track, however at 21-14 by 10:12 Lancaster secured a lead.

Likewise, Lancaster’s female team dominated, creating a large gap in the score with 10-2.  They continued this pattern, scoring 15-6 by 10:14, already at 20 points by 10:19.

At 10:15 a series of simultaneous hits are scored by the men’s teams in an epic showdown. By 10:24, Lancaster’s men’s team were way ahead at 40-29. At 10:27, an explosive duel occurs with a flurry of four hits from York, and a range of simultaneous strikes which leaves the score at 44-35 to Lancaster. At 10:30, Lancaster’s male team won with 45 points.

At 10:23, the women’s score rests at 25-11 to Lancaster, the York team sporting a Baby Yoda mascot by the game’s side-lines. Lancaster’s female team continued to rack up a series points, with scores reaching 35-16, and winning at 45-17.

At 10:34 the men’s sabre competition begins with York taking the lead to 2-0. York wins their first duel scoring 5-3, yet are overtaken by Lancaster at 10:37 who reach 8-6. The game continued to be close with Lancaster dominating, until 10:45 where a tie of 18-18 was reached, and 10:48 when York took the lead.

At 10:49, the women’s sabre competition begins with 5-2 to York, a strong start winning their first duel. By 10:53, York maintained the lead with 8-6, however were overtaken at 10:54 when Lancaster won the second goal 10-9.

At 10:55 York’s male team strengthened their lead at 35-30, this lead continued through to a 45-37 win at 11:00.

At 11:00, Lancaster’s female team maintained a continuous lead at 22-15, which jumped to 32-22 by 11:10, and by 11:16 turned into a victory at 43-29.

With each section added up, York men’s and Lancaster women’s teams secure victory.