Lancaster secures another win in the Women's Badminton


Four points for Lancaster in the Women's 1's Badminton

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Image by Tasha Acres

By Tasha Acres

The crowd in arena three was already vehemently supporting the men’s game when the women began, creating a palpable sense of tension as the first points were scored. Across both pitches were strong shots by both teams, as they both tried to catch each other out. Points were scored by both teams, but fumbles at the net during this first game seemed to set the tone for the rest of the match. At one point, a shuttlecock found itself on the next court over, presumably as nerves began to properly hit the teams. Despite York’s best efforts, Lancaster sweeps in to win the final game with a lead of 21-16, and the scoreboards are finally brought out.

While Netball was eliciting exciting cheers from the arena next door, the crowd watching Badminton tried to decipher which score correlated with which team. It didn’t take long for the support to climb once again, as Lancaster starts the next match with a strong lead of 12-7. It seems that the real enemy was the net for some matches, as many points were simultaneously lost and gained for both teams from the shuttlecock flying into it, leading to reassuring cheers from the supporting crowd while there was still time to even out the scores. York took some brilliant shots, slipping through Lancaster’s tough defence, leading to a more even score of 18-16 to Lancaster, however York was still unable to break ahead and win.

The next games had a thick tension in the air, as York closes the gap between Lancaster, who was leading 16-12. In this game, York understood that they could pull themselves into an advantageous position, and hope filled the crowd of York supporters as the two teams entered into a draw of 18-18, 20-20, and 21-21. All eyes were glued to the shuttlecock as it flew between each team, and the score slowly ticked up until Lancaster won by two points, leaving the score at 23-21.

After recognising the scoreboard had flipped allegiances once again, York began to demonstrate its best talent, leading 11-5 in this hopeful match, with impressive shots over the net as the team found its most comfortable rhythm, resulting in a score of 21-9 for York.

Unfortunately for York, by the end of the event Lancaster was leading after having won seven matches as opposed to York’s two. Therefore, the four points up for winning were given to Lancaster as they retain their title from their previous games at Roses.