Epic duels in Men’s 1’s Fencing


Lancaster pick up four points in the fencing

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Image by Chris Stapleton

By Chris Stapleton

The first segment of the competition saw York and Lancaster competing with the foil sword. At 12:04, the first match opened with a draw, swiftly followed by Lancaster taking a 2-1 lead. The first duel is relatively close, however ultimately won 5-2 by Lancaster.

At 12:06 the second duel commences with York lunging in, managing to change the scoreboard to 5-3. However, following this, Lancaster responds with five goals one after the other, ending the second duel with an impressive 10-3.

In the third duel York manages to climb by a large amount, ending 15-11, which although in favour of Lancaster shows the beginning of York’s ascent. The next duel is won again by Lancaster at 12:22 with 20 points, York following closely with 15.

At 12:39 there is an especially long round full of hits and simultaneous strikes from either side, ending with another Lancaster win at 30-25. The next round is again won by Lancaster at 35, with York once more five points behind at 30.

The next duel however, is where York begins to dominate, reaching 39 points to tie with Lancaster, and ending the duel on 40 points, beating Lancaster 40-39.

The final duel for foil is intense, both teams racing to achieve 45 points. York’s swordsman takes a lunge which results in him diving across the floor, managing to score a point. As the two sides tie, York ultimately finishes with an impressive 45-44 win.

The second segment of the competition is fought with epee swords, featuring a close first duel which ends in a 5-4 victory to York. The second round, however, is not as close, with York widening the gap between the two teams with 10-7.

The third duel follows suit, York winning 15-11. All the while, crowds supporting both sides cheer on echoing support all around the arena. By 13:24, York achieves 20 points, maintaining domination, however at 13:31 a York swordsman receives a yellow card, followed by a red. Nevertheless, York wins the dual 25-21.

Throughout the rest of the segment, York keeps ahead of Lancaster until 13:51, when Lancaster manages briefly to catch up. This duel goes on for a while, ending the epee round with 43-39 to York.

It is the sabre round, the final segment, where Lancaster truly flourishes. At 13:55 Lancaster makes a strong opening, winning the first duel 5-0. This is continued in the next duel, where York scores one point, but the swordsman is injured through a hit to the back of the head. Lancaster wins the second duel 10-2.

At 14:04, York begins to speedily catch up to Lancaster, ending the duel with 11 points to Lancaster’s 20. Once more, cheering can be heard from the first and second team members as well as the crowd.

As the competition goes on both teams begin to rack up points, the duel at 14:15 seeing York possess 27 points to Lancaster’s 40, ending with a sportsmanlike show of respect. The final duel, at 14:17, sees York score one point, ending the competition with an overall Lancaster victory at 45-28.