York takes a 7-4 victory in Men's futsal


A rallying second half performance saw York take a 7-4 victory over Lancaster in today’s hard fought Men’s Futsal fixture

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Image by Flynn Burgess

By Hannah Carley

This match was well-attended, with both teams energised and optimistic about their chances prior to kickoff. Home fans were excited in the first few minutes of play as York sought to maximise the opportunity of kickoff, but it was Lancaster who dominated play for much of the first half.

Strong goalkeeping from York captain Jony Weng Chen held Lancaster back for some time, but eventually the team in red pulled ahead with the first of many goals in this match. At this point Lancaster appeared to be the stronger attacking side.

York took advantage of Futsal’s rolling sub rules to respond, making a large group of changes to their lineup and using that fresh energy to equalise only two minutes later. However, Lancaster remained in control of the game overall, with their own goalkeeper Mohammed Ali responding with a well-timed save of his own, which was shortly followed by another goal that put the away team back into the lead 2-1.

The first half was aggressive, putting both teams at risk of giving away penalties as half time approached. York was the first to commit a sixth foul, offering a penalty to Lancaster that was again saved by Jony Weng Chen. This was followed up by a further goal for York that saw the match  all square at 2-2 come halftime. Though it is likely that without such a strong defence York would have been lagging behind at this point.

The second half, though still hard-fought, told a very different story. Both teams came out of the gate swinging, with York having an early off-target shot at goal before Lancaster scored to once again pull ahead. Both teams then exchanged shots on target, with great goalkeeping and defence seen from both sides.

However, it was at this point that the match began to turn in favour of York, with the team quickly following up an impressive equalising goal with multiple shots on target, again saved by Mohammed Ali. At this point, Lancaster’s play was scrappier than York, with their total of 5 fouls in the half meaning that each further foul would result in a penalty for York; a fact not unnoticed by the large home crowd.

With energised supporters behind them and a now cautious opponent, York pushed ahead to control the game, taking the lead for the first time with a second goal of the match for Riccardo Ansbro. A penalty opportunity for the home side quickly followed, which was successfully converted into a larger 5 - 3 lead.

Though Lancaster were able to respond to this with a further goal of their own and showcased some outstanding defence, the York side saw further opportunities and were able to avoid fouls well enough to not give Lancaster similar chances. Two more penalties for the home side eventually followed, one of which was scored. This did not stop the York side from keeping on the attack, taking one last goal to secure a comfortable three point lead going into the game’s final minutes.

With the crowd energised and rallying behind them, the York side was left to defend and run down the clock. Though credit must be given to the Lancaster side, who never gave up the fight and truly had some great moments, particularly in the first half of the match. Despite the aggressive and determined nature of the game, great sportsmanship and football skill was evident on both sides. In the end though York took a well-deserved victory, along with 4 points for the overall Roses tally.