A dominant Lancaster defeats York in the mixed indoor ultimate frisbee


York faced a 7-1 defeat in the final indoor ultimate frisbee match

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Image by Ben Jordan

By Katy Leverett

Crowds were gathering for the third and final match of indoor ultimate frisbee in the main hall of the Sports Centre. With York waving their banners, and Lancaster chanting, a great atmosphere surrounded the players.

The game began and once more Lancaster made a strong start, holding play significantly more than York. In fact, they scored almost straight away, with player 32 leaping a catch soaring very high into the goal section of the pitch. However, York rose to the challenge, although there were a few missed opportunities for goals.

Lancaster soon scored, again, and again, and again. Their attack was incredibly strong, though York put up a good fight. However, this game was definitely Lancaster’s to lose.

Mid-game, York finally scored, sending the crowd into overdrive. This took the score to 4-1, with Lancaster still firmly leading the way.

Despite this, Lancaster scored almost straight after, leaving the score 5-1 to Lancaster. Again, not perturbed, York made a comeback, keeping the frisbee in play for a good amount of time, with a few near goals. This soon came to an end, however, when player 40 from York collided with a Lancastrian player, leading the teams to decide Lancaster would gain a free throw, which coincidentally gained them another goal.

In the closing minutes, Lancaster secured a final goal, cementing their victory with a staggering 7-1 score. The York team fought valiantly but unfortunately it was not enough against the dominant Lancaster players.

At the end of the match, both teams huddled together to discuss the game, shaking hands and a friendly end to a very well played series of matches. A spokesperson from the York team (who also accidently hit me in the face with a frisbee when I went pitch-side at the end of the match) said: “all games were really close, Lancaster just came out really strong and I think they’ve worked together really well, they practised lots as a mixed team and came out on top this time.”