Editor's note: Getting through February with Nouse


Whilst February might be dreary, getting involved with Nouse is not

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Image by Gracie Daw

By Gracie Daw

Welcome to Nouse #503, thank you for picking up a copy across campus. As I am writing this, I hope we have broken our curse for distributing our papers in the rain; so far this academic year, we have been jumping over puddles and getting splashed by buses trying to get our papers to you.

This university term has never been my favourite: even when I was at school, I seemed to find it just a bit more stressful than all the others. So, despite my unease about this term, I hope that it is going okay for everyone else. At the very least, reading this edition will (hopefully) take your mind off it for a bit!

Our News section covers the most important issues for students at the moment, specifically the rise in rent prices that will see so many students being priced out of York. We also include some more light-hearted pieces such as an interview with a familiar face to many, Felix Wahlberg, who has likely taken your picture on a night out.

Another important feature of this term are the upcoming YUSU elections which will see the Sabbatical and Part-time Officers for the 2023/24 academic year elected. It is an important time for students to raise their voices about the issues which face them daily and given the rise in the cost of living, which is affecting us all, it is sure to be a key issue within all candidates’ manifestos.

Whilst the elections showcase the brilliant candidates running to be YUSU Officers, they also highlight the amazing media outlets on campus. We will not be providing the most up-to-date coverage this year, so make sure to pick up a copy of York Vision and tune into URY and YSTV to hear all the news.

In Nouse #503, we have also become more York-based in our coverage, particularly within our Politics and Business sections. Politics features two articles showing how mainstream politics can affect campus. The first is on how the pressure on the NHS is being felt by student nurses and doctors, training to go into the NHS. The second is on the role of students within local campaigns and is worth a read if you are intrigued by how a political party works on a local level.

In the Business section, we have decided to focus on York’s local businesses, trying to understand how they have benefitted from the Christmas market and have been affected by train strikes. This is something which is echoed beautifully in Muse as Shoot’s double-page spread photographs some of the incredible local businesses in York.

Science and Comment have also been influenced by Muse this edition with an article in our Science section about how Interstellar has helped to bring science to the mainstream. In Comment, there is an article about antisemitism in the new Harry Potter game which is highly worth a read.

As always in Comment, we have featured a range of articles, and opinions. My favourite is a piece on the experience of a mixed-race person at York which I highly recommend reading. I cannot forget Sport: we have caught up with University rugby and netball for you as well as speaking to Franki Riley about her experience so far this academic year being the York Sport Union President.

There are always opportunities for getting involved with Nouse, don’t let it being mid-year dissuade you. We are always looking for new writers with new perspectives, so if you fancy giving writing a go, join our Facebook group ‘Nouse writers’ for all the most up to date information.

We are not limited to writers though, so if you fancy picking up a camera, drawing a cartoon or helping with our technical requirements, please get in touch with us at editor@nouse.co.uk.

We are currently planning our content for Roses, the sports competition between York and Lancaster which this year will be held in York so if you fancy getting involved with covering it, check out page 15 and let us know.

This edition would not be possible without every person who is listed as a member of our team below. Thanks to them, we have words and images on pages, rather than just printing 48 blank pages.

Keep an eye on our social media to find out where you can join us celebrating having put this together!

Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it, and enjoy the rest of term. Maybe this year will prove to me that spring term isn’t so bad after all.