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Dom Smith says his final goodbye to Nouse

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By Dom Smith

I have written this before and thought it was the case. It wasn’t. But this really is my final edition as Sport Editor at Nouse.

Like so many of the core team of this fantastic student newspaper, I am a matter of days away from packing everything I own into the car and leaving York for the foreseeable future. It’s not personal, but it is sadly true this time.

The same is true for fellow Sport Editor, Seth McKeown, and also for Deputy Sport Editor, Lucy Wilde. Last week saw Deputy Sport Editor, Jack Bleksley, elected as Sport Editor for next academic year. I know Jack well, love him very much, and wish him the best. What a lot of work he’s got ahead of him. But what a lot of fun he’ll have doing it.

I have been Sport Editor for my entire time as a University of York student — and made such a good decision to run for the position when I did. Nouse is a community, an institution, and a pleasure to be a part of. Researching the history of Nouse Sport for my co-authored back-page article with Seth was a fierce reminder of that fact. For this special 500th edition of a paper which has existed since 1964, we bring you seven pages brimming with fresh and, I hope, engaging sport content — rather than the usual five pages.

Across the page is my interview with Guy Mowbray, the BBC’s lead football commentator. He is an avid York City FC fan and that came across in our chat. Seth writes a nuanced comment piece on offensive music in sport, while Jack opines about the left-field changes to the England Test cricket leadership team.

We have a special page of interviews as well — including conversations with a former Nouse Sport reporter now flying at Sky Sports; the chair of football’s anti-racism charity Kick It Out; and the newly elected president of Vanbrugh College Netball Club.

My comment piece on page 32 argues that the prospect of a winter FIFA World Cup — drawing ever closer — is a bizarre and depressing one. I want barbecues, not roast dinners. (I want both, of course. I just don’t want roasts during the World Cup. It ain’t right.)

So long from me (and most of us at Nouse Sport). You, and this, will be sorely missed.

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