Editor's Note: Believe you can and you're half way there


Elizabeth Walsh on inspirational quotes and how you can use them to shift your mindset

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By Elizabeth Walsh

Inspirational quotes can be a bit like marmite- you either love them or you hate them. Some people think they’re a load of nonsense but I’ve always found them to be a source of motivation, especially since the days of having a good few stuck to the wall above my desk duringA-level exam season. ‘Believe you can and you’re half way there’ is a quote that I saw one random weekend etched into a porcelain decoration in a tiny indepedent shop on the shambles. Despite coming across it by chance, it’s a motto I have decided to live by ever since.

At the time I was stressed about the thought of starting second year and everything starting to ‘count’ towards your degree, something that as a now even more stressed third year I realise in hindsight wasn’t even worth it. Even now I still have the quote on my desk and glance at it when I feel myself getting stressed.

Self-belief is something that I, like many of us, have always struggled with. However, as cheesy as it sounds, the quote on my desk reminds me to get some perspective and to keep going. I feel the irony of this as I sit here with a large blank space staring back at me waiting to be filled with a somewhat catchy editor's note at the end of prod week, but it's true.

Believing something is possible is the first step towards pushing yourself. When I started Nouse back in first year I waited far too long to get stuck in and it was only by forcing myself to get past the fear that I am now sat here as Muse editor. If you take anything from this editor’s noteI hope it’s that whether you like a good quote or not, you should believe in yourself and give things a go. You never know, it could turn out to be great.

This edition marks my second print edition as Muse Editor and it has been just as enjoyable if slightly less stressful than the last. Photoshop is still temper mental but this is something we’ve come to accept. Despite minor technical hiccups the team have put together a really great edition that we can't wait for you to read.

Features have taken a look at the developing western fascination with South Korean media, navigating the pandemic from the other side of the world and the important work of Night safe. The Film and TV team have taken inspiration from the theme of foreign films to produce an array of recommendations for you to get stuck into.

Arts looks at the latest exhibition at York Art Gallery, Junjito’s nightmarish creations and the journey of Little Amal. I can’t end this note without acknowledging the superstars that Kristina and Gracie have been this week without whom this edition wouldn't be any near as good as it is.