Editor's Note: Back in Business


Elizabeth Walsh on the joys of being back in the office and struggles with technology

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Image by Annie Watson

By Elizabeth Walsh

This week I have had the pleasure of being in the Nouse office, a destination that has been out of bounds for most of the last academic year. Had I foreseen something like a global pandemic happening, I would have forced myself to run for an editorial position and with this a  valued slot in the office sooner. However, as this wasn’t possible I’m glad to be making up for lost time now.

In first year, I was nervous to write, let alone run for an editorial role. Despite not having much confidence, I did run for a position in my first elections but was unsuccessful. After this I doubted my ability for some time and put off pitching an article. I convinced myself that I had too much on, or would get round to it in the holidays. A classic example of my expert ability to  put things off when I feel unsure.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that it would take an event like a global pandemic to get me out of the vicious cycle I had created, and to push me to try my hand at writing. With all my excuses removed overnight I made the leap and pitched an idea. It was well received and I soon got the bug (more than likely annoying the Arts Editor with my constant flurry of ideas). Lockdown and the endless amount of free time it brought, inspired me to stop putting things off and  try something new which paid off.

While lockdowns brought some blessings in disguise including the chance to slow down, I'm very glad that they are behind us ( fingers crossed) and that we can be back in the office and back in business. While seeing your article up online is always a pleasure, nothing beats seeing it laid up in front of you after a day's work grappling with photoshop to get the cut-outs right.

This edition marks my first as Muse Editor which was both an exciting and daunting prospect. Having said, this we pulled through to create something I’m really proud of and so should the rest of the team be.

Features have taken a look at everything from ageism in the pandemic to the emergence of a mysterious new Instagram page, with the exciting new addition of an extra article.

The Food and Drink team look at the cross over between music and food and photogenic food- are you for or against taking pictures of your food before you can eat it?

Fashion looks at small fashion businesses to suit all budgets as well as this year’s London Fashion week which inspired our cover design.

It wouldn’t be a proper Editor’s note without me acknowledging the hard work and composure of Kristina, without whom I definitely wouldn’t have gotten through the endless  attempts to battle against photoshop.