Editor's Note: Rory Gilmore wannabe


Jenna Luxon on the reality of student journalism and saying goodbye to Nouse

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By Jenna Luxon

Before I began writing for Nouse, the only idea I had of what student journalism looked like was from watching Rory Gilmore at the Yale Daily News. For those of you not familiar with the phenomenon that is the noughties comedy-drama Gilmore Girls, season six sees protagonist Rory taking on the editorship of her college newspaper and I can now tell you from personal experience that it bares very little resemblance to reality.

Whilst Rory swans around Yale’s historical campus looking effortlessly stylish, drinking enough coffee in a day to kill the average person and happily typing away in a glossy newsroom, I have found being the Editor of Muse to involve far less glamour and far more photoshop induced headaches.

But despite our slightly grubbier office, jammy keyboards and far more demanding schedule, I have enjoyed being the Editor of Muse for the past eight months just as much as Rory appeared to love looking busy and circling things in red pen.

This edition of Muse marks both my first and last print edition as Editor as I, like many in the team, will shortly be saying goodbye to York and goodbye to Nouse.

Working towards a degree, surviving a pandemic and putting up with my constant messages (that in reality read more like essays) is no easy feat. Our team has remained dedicated to Muse throughout the year and can be hugely proud of this edition we have put together.

Our features team have taken a look at academic pressure and the culture of toxic productivity - a relatable read for anyone who has ever engaged in a bragging competition about who has been in the library the longest.

Our Music team clashes on vinyl and whether its back for good or better left in the past and Travel gives a guide to Scotland’s North Coast 500, a piece that got me instantly scouting out road trip companions.

And our fashion team looks at gender, fashion and the music industry from Bowie to Billie and everything in between; inspiring our cover, which you might have noticed British Vogue blatantly copied from us for their June edition.

And finally, at risk of this turning into a full-brown Oscars speech, a special thank-you to Emily without whom this edition would never have come together and indeed Muse this year would not have been possible.

We both hope you enjoy reading this edition of Muse as much as we enjoyed putting it together.