A Students Week in Outfits


Sarah Gatenby-Howells gives inspiration by showing off a week of her outfits

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By Sarah Gatenby-Howells

York has recently gone into further restrictions and we can no longer see anybody outside of our household indoors meaning most of the already small amount of social interactions and occasions that we were able to get dressed up for have disappeared. However, this shouldn’t stop us from getting ready, if not for anyone else (apart from those on your zoom classes) than do it for yourself. I know I feel so much better when I get dressed into something that I have taken time to put together, I am more productive, and I generally feel more in control of my day. Therefore, I’ve decided to take a photo diary of a week in outfits to give you some inspiration for outfits you could try. Admittedly, these were not shot all in one week however they give a good variation between easy outfits, more dressy outfits, and also some inspiration for an outfit you could wear to an interview or job application.

This outfit was like wearing a smart pair of pyjamas. Trust me, it’s trendy. When I get overwhelmed with outfit choices I like to go towards monochromatic looks as they usually end up looking like you put a lot of thought and effort into it! So if you struggle knowing what colours to put with what then don’t be scared to just wear one colour. These velvet navy trousers are from Topshop and the denim jacket is Urban Outfitters.


I’m only showing you the top half of this outfit because the jumper is the star of the show and I paired it with basic black skinny jeans. This one is from Ralph Lauren which I know is on the higher end of the price scale but I think as we go into autumn/winter investing in a chunky knit that you adore wearing is a really good idea. The earth will become too unbearably warm because of climate change before a chunky knit goes out of style and they can be worn year after year. The other great piece is this bag from Zara, whenever I go into Zara I get frustrated that they don’t have a separate section to showcase their amazing selection of bags and shoes, so next time you are in there make sure to take an active look (or look online).


This blouse is one of the most prized possessions in my wardrobe. I had bought it a couple of years ago at the Reformation store in New York. It is one of those nostalgic pieces that takes me back to New York whenever I wear it. I also want to highlight these jeans as for so long Topshop has been at the head of the high-street jean chain but Weekday is definitely giving them some strong competition. Weekday doesn’t have very many stores but buying online and returns from their website are very easy.


This is a really basic outfit that is perfect for day to day. The jeans are Topshop and this cashmere cardigan was a find at a vintage store in Amsterdam. There are some amazing vintage and charity stores in York so go have a look and don’t let one trip dictate how you perceive them forever because they are continuously updating their collection and people are constantly dropping off new donations.


There seems to be a trend of me trying to find clothes that I could also, quite easily, wear as pyjamas. But if it helps me to actually get dressed out of my actual pyjamas then I am down for it. These trousers are from the brand Grace and Mila but you can find similar ones at almost any high-street store or Asos have a wide variety. My favourite place to buy basics like this white top are Uniqlo, Brandy Melville, and & Other Stories.


This outfit is perfect for Job interviews or going to a networking event. It is what I would call “smart casual” but more on the smart end. Investing in a pair of smart trousers in either navy or black is like buying a pair of white trainers, they are essential and can be worn with multiple different tops. They also look nice dressed down and are, quite frankly, comfier than jeans.