Autumn Trends and where to find them


Sarah Gatenby-Howells gives advice on where to shop this seasons trends

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Image by Photo © Matt Harrop (cc-by-sa/2.0)

By Sarah Gatenby-Howells

Now that autumn is officially here there could not be a better time to break down some of the upcoming trends and where to find them on the high-street. Recently, I have found myself longing for colder days and nights where I can wrap up warm in chunky knits and bring out my elaborate collection of coats and jackets, as well as once again trying to figure out the art of layering because I still don't know anyone who manages to remain warm enough outside but doesn’t start intensely overheating as soon as they walk into a store.

This year has been a complete nightmare for everyone and perhaps the chaos that occurred is the reason that this seasons trends are re-embracing very classical concepts of autumnal fashion, looking to a neutral palette and tough materials to complete the look. I wrote an article in an earlier issue about Danish fashion, the influences of which have overtaken high-street stores across the UK over the last couple of weeks. So, where to start, sometimes returning to simplicity can be tougher than it first seems. The biggest challenge with autumn is honing the skills of layering for which I look to influencer, entrepreneur and author 56 year old Trinny Woodall (@Trinnywoodall), although she is in an older demographic I always find that she manages to look amazing and pull together interesting pieces that I wouldn't have thought to pick myself. Her Instagram provides copious amounts of inspiration on how to layer, rework and restyle clothes so that they work for you.

Apart from inspiration from various people on Instagram these are the best tips I have to keep you looking amazing this season:

1. BRITISH - right now we need to support British designers more than ever and particularly Black British designers. A great place to start is The Kemist who do the most insane sets you will ever see, slightly pricier but a piece worth investing in for when we can finally go to events. Another is Daughter of a Bohemian, a company who upcycle existing garments from the British high-street to create fabulous one off pieces (and they sell scarf tops (if you haven’t already bought one off Depop))

2. CHUNKY KNITS - would it even be autumn without chunky knits, probably not. A fail safe way to look trendy without really having to try, so make sure you remain topped up with lots of different options. This knit set from Zara is perfect for hotter days running errands or lazing about.

  1. PADDED SHOULDERS - gone are the days when I would laugh at a padded shoulder jacket my mum would pull out of her closet from "her university days", claiming I would never be seen dead in such a thing. The padded shoulder is making a return and from what I am seeing I don’t actually hate it. The best way to try out this trend is by purchasing this top from Zara, at only £12.99 it is perfect to test whether it is something you could see yourself rocking this season.

  2. LEATHER - forget double denim, if you want to be looking on trend this season look to a double leather look. Leather trousers are best paired with an oversized knit or leather blazer, go more dressed down in a white t-shirt and chunky gold jewellery. Weekday do a great selection of reasonably priced leather trousers in different colours and styles these are my favourite. These boots from & Other Stories have taken inspiration from Prada and would look amazing paired with a patterned slip dress.

  3. COLOUR - keep it neutral: burgundy, tan, camel, khaki, the great thing about this is that they are easily paired with one another so at least that is one less thing to worry about

  4. BELTS - chunky belts are a must and this is a great one from H&M - they give structure to coats or jackets and add shape to a floaty dress. You will find lots of designers use them to create interesting dimensions on the catwalk or in shoots so looking to catwalk photos or recent shoots will help you to find inspiration on how to wear them.

  5. PUFFED SLEEVES – jumpers and tops with a puff sleeve give statement and structure to an outfit. They add an unusual elegance and this one from Topshop is now on sale for only £10.