Editor's note: Welcome to 'The Weekly Nouse'


Editor, Jonathan Wellington, talks through the first edition of 'The Weekly News'. Nouse like you've never seen it before.

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By Jonathan Wellington

Welcome to 'The Weekly Nouse'. It’s odd, it’s different, but it’s the new norm for the time being and I’m very happy with how it’s turned out.

I debated whether an editor’s note was really necessary for these online editions and I’m not sure if I’ll be writing one of these every week but I thought for the first one, at least, I’d set out a bit of an introduction to communicate where this project is coming from.

In terms of physical location, it’s coming from all over the place as our Nouse team is scattered across the entire country. This note in particular comes from the ‘borrowed’ exam desk I’ve got wedged between my bed and my wall back in Loughborough. I’ve never missed the Nouse office more.

Beyond the physical sense, this project comes from a place of wanting to keep Nouse going in any way we can. Naturally, along with almost everything else that brings me joy, the printing of Nouse is out of question this term. This column almost became a parody of our old Sport Series ‘Nouse Tries’, renamed ‘Nouse Cries’, where I’d just moan about all the plans we had this term and other editors could take the crying baton each week and articulate their sobs. To do so, however, would be incredibly counterproductive, narcissistic, and of little interest to anyone. I’m very aware that there are many, many bigger problems we’re facing other than the fact Nouse can’t print, or see each other in person, or go to the office, or go to Stones, or go to Flares…
I’m spiralling.

The point is that this is our solution to our problem of not being able to print; The Weekly Nouse. Led by a brand new online team and made possible by the tech god James Bithell, The Weekly Nouse will hopefully be a weekly source of information and entertainment during this lockdown.

This week we speak to York Sport President, Maddi Cannel, about the upcoming virtual Roses in the debut of ‘Life in Lockdown’ which is a brand new Nouse interview series focusing on people, organisations or student societies who are adapting to isolation in interesting and innovative ways. If you’d like to talk about your experiences in lockdown or share how your student group has adjusted during the pandemic and be featured then please email editor@nouse.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.

Aside from ‘Life in Lockdown’, we have a couple of amazing Comment pieces as Alex Thompson and Joseph Higgins battle it out on whether you should be shaving your head, and Annabelle Mulliner takes on Tiger King and our perverse worshipping of Joe Exotic. In News, Matthew King gives an update on YUSU’s involvement in the NUS safety net campaign. In our archive spot, we feature last year’s Roses Round-up to get you all nostalgic of last year's incredible Roses tournament.

On the always excellent MUSE side of things, Maya Barber looks at sustainable lockdown fashion in ‘The Virus, The Student, and The Wardrobe’ alongside the launching of three brand new MUSE series. Deputy MUSE Editor Malu continues the recently debuted ‘Film Club’ with her analysis of The Breakfast Club, Jenna Luxon debuts her Arts series of ‘You Are What You Read,’ and Annabell Mulliner commences the Food & Drink recipe series of ‘Store Cupboard Saviours’.

Our editors are channelling their stress and uncertainty, as usual, straight into Nouse and that’s why I’m really excited to see what each edition of The Weekly Nouse brings. The series debuted here should serve as inspiration too, as different writers pick up the challenge.

What I would like to stress, however, is it will not just be our editors picking up the challenge. In fact, Nouse has never been easier to get involved with. We’ve cut our membership to £4 (the lowest YUSU allows us to) for this term and there’s no limit to the amount of online content we’re uploading. Simply pay membership via the YUSU website, search and join our Facebook group ‘Nouse writers’ and contact one of our amazing editors who’s joined our summer term online team to get involved.

I really hope you enjoy this installment of ‘The Weekly Nouse’ and it brings you some relief in the current circumstances we all find ourselves in. I know I’ve found its creation of immense benefit to me. Since my MUSE editor’s note in October last year this society has been teaching me the same thing over and over again, except now the meaning is a lot more literal:

Nouse is more than the paper it's printed on, it’s about the people.

(Especially James Bithell.)