Mix & Match Merch: a Guide to Styling your Stash


Eilidh Hide discusses the do's and don'ts of dressing up your university merchandise on campus

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By Eilidh Hide

It’s the start of term and everyone’s trying just that little bit harder- first impressions matter after all, and there’s no easier way to let people know what you’re into than having it written across your chest. Merch, Kit, Stash- whatever you call it, guaranteed you’re wearing it. So here are some top tips to help you sport your sports gear in the least obnoxious way possible…

So you don’t look like a total lemming, combine merch from different sports and societies. It helps show that there’s a bit more to you than your deep and profound love of rugby or ballroom dancing. Some examples of well-rounded combinations include:

A Netball Skort and Generic Indie-Band Tour Top- you’re fit, sporty, and love a flares boogie but there’s just SO much more to you than that…

A JP Morgan Quarter Zip and Bumble waterbottle- You’re soon to enter grad-life in the corporate jungle but you’re also a fun, flirty, single and want people to know about it.

A Lacrosse Stick and Extinction Rebellion Bag- You’re probably nicknamed Bunty or Bella and definitely still call your mum, Mummy, but you also retweet Greta Thunberg and only eat organic & vegan, (except for a 3am Salt and Pepper's)

A Bright Network Tote Bag and On & On T-shirt- you’ve got your sh*t together, have a ‘business-formal’ wardrobe and probably treat university like a 9-5 job, but come Friday’s the world is your oyster…... well fibbers is, at any rate.

A Revs Scrunchie and Kayaking Committee T-shirt- You love a Sunday Revs, and the beauty ritual that comes before it but you’re no bland Fiat500 Fresher, you’re willing to get stuck in and get up at 9am on a Saturday to travel to a bleak Yorkshire river.

A STYM jumper and UYRUFC shorts- you’re a responsible and caring member of your college but you can also neck a VK in three seconds flat. A Millennial Coffee Club Hoodie and Popworld Popsocket- WOW- look at you!!

You’re trendy, know all the up & coming influencers. You LOVE LOVE LOVE Coffee, such a relatable, quirky millennial but you’re not TOO cool for moving & grooving on a revolving dance floor- who really is?

A Hockey Stick and Student Media Hoodie- You can’t quite let go of boarding school, which explains the repeated visits to Flares (reminiscent of school discos) but you’re also switched-on, and willing to do a bit extra for the old CV.

And a word of warning...Do not wear the official University of York merch on Campus. College, Sports, Societies: all good, but actual Uni merch is a no-go. If you’re in the library, most people will have guessed you’re a student here, so you really don’t need to pay £20 for the privilege of repping a bland grey hoodie. UoY merchandise is the equivalent to School Leavers’ Hoodies; a non-starter.