Spain to go to the polls as Sanchez's budget fails to pass


Spain set for its third election in under four years

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By Callum Tennant

Image: The current distribution of seats in the Congress of Deputies

It is highly unlikely that there will be a clear winner in this election with enough seats to form an outright majority. The continued popularity of the two relatively new parties – Podemos and Ciudadanos – means that votes which would traditionally have been cast for either the P  S O E or PP are now more divided. This election also comes in the shadow of the far-right party VOX’s increase in popularity and victory in regional elections in Andalusia in December where it won 12 seats. The party is set to win it’s first seats in Parliament. Current polls predict that P S O E will win a plurality of seats but will fall short by far of the required 176 for a majority. Between now and the end of April however everything could change.