A Guide to your January Wardrobe Revamp


Daisy Wallis and Eilidh Hide give their tips and tricks on how to get a new January wardrobe on a student budget

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By Daisy Wallis and Eilidh Hide

The January Detox 

As much as we are ALL probably sick of the “New Year, New Me” social media posts and endless talk of everyone’s January fitness and healthy eating obsessions, the beginning of the new year means new styles, and NEW trends. But how do you still follow all of the new trends of 2019 on a student budget? We’ve collated our favourite tips and tricks for rejuvenating your old fashion favourites, saving you wardrobe space as well as a few pennies for the inevitable green juice and Kuda entry.

2. Clashing Colours and Prints

Fashion in the past has looked down upon clashing prints and colours, but we say ditch this old rule and embrace the clash. We all have items in our wardrobes that we keep well away from other bright and daring pieces. Yet designers like Zandra Rhodes have showcased, clashing bold prints and daring florals to create new out-there looks. Why not try this clash on your next night out? The bigger the clash the better and more daring the look. 

3. Mixing Styles

Everyone has their own personal style, whether it be the chilled and relaxed vibe of jeans and trainers or the more formal look of blazers and boots. January usually inspires many to experiment more with a new style, but this again can be quite an expensive venture. Instead, a mixing of styles through adding one or two staple items can create a new and inspired look that will have everyone commenting on your new-found style. Add a blazer to your t-shirt and jeans combo to create a smart- casual look, or add a pair of chunky biker boots to a mini dress to revamp your look. Taking inspiration from the catwalks, experiment with items you already own in new and exciting ways to produce looks and styles that may be out of your comfort zone. Fashion is all about expression and experimenting, so why not give it a go this January?

4. Customisation

It doesn’t always have to cost your weekly budget to get a fresh new wardrobe. Customisation is a simple, cheap way of reviving elements of your wardrobe while still achieving the illusion of a new look or style. Embellishments and intricate detailing have adorned catwalks across the world and can add your own personality to your style. Revive your old denim jacket with badges or patches for a relaxed vibe or, for the more formal and glamorous look, add a brooch to your plain black coat. This can give the illusion that you have invested in some key new pieces without the price tag!

5. Layering

Layering is another method that can create a whole new look out of elements of your existing wardrobe. Especially as the weather gets colder, layering can be stylish and pretty practical. A thin knit roll neck or turtle neck under a spaghetti strap dress can turn an old party dress into a whole new outfit for the daytime. An old check shirt over a dress or party outfit can add a relaxed vibe to your old Fibbers outfits. The possibilities are endless and can be made from existing pieces in your wardrobe - perfect for the cost-conscious student.

6. Vintage

Our environmental concerns are also something that can be translated to our wardrobe revamps. Fast fashion has been in the spotlight recently for its devastating effects to the world around us, with Stacey Dooley, in her most recent investigation on the dirty secrets of the fashion world, exposing the millions of gallons of water needed to grow the fabric or dye the garments. With this in mind, if there are items you are missing in your wardrobe why not ditch the fast fashion and head to your local vintage store. York has a whole host of great vintage options, ranging in price and style, all within walking distance of each other. So take a break from that pesky essay or dissertation plan and head to town to see what vintage gems you can find!

7. Minimalism

Sometimes the simplest of outfits can be the most effective. The minimalist approach to fashion, which has seemed to explode in popularity over the last year, is the student’s new best friend. Elegance and glamour can be found in your blue jeans and basic white tee, making it an easy and cheap style choice for everyone. Ditch the sales, explore your wardrobe. Bring new life to your old baggy t-shirts by pairing them with some patterned trousers or a pair of jeans. Effortless chic will definitely be a fashion favourite of 2019.

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