Travelling to Greece on the cheap : Greek Souvlaki In York.


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By Anastasios Proios Doukas

One bite is enough to make a Greek feel at home: and offers a balance of flavours strong enough to impress anyone. Greek Street Food Souvlaki is currently number one on Tripadvisor for North Yorkshire and is located in the heart of town, the food court of shambles. It is a small business operated by Stamatis and Maria, a couple from the beautiful island of Corfu. Due to the ongoing and dire financial crisis that has struck Greece, Stamatis, one of the founders, was forced to move away and chose to call England his new home. Maria joined him six months later. Stamatis said that he worked various jobs in York: as a florist, then working in a factory, and a hotel, and even on a farm.While working he looked for Greek food in York but found none. Thus the idea for Greek Street Food Souvlaki was born. He comments : "At first, I was scared about whether people would like it or not. However, because we cook with passion and love, people embraced us and keep coming. I think these are the ingredients that set us apart and make us number one".

It is hard to find good Greek food outside of Greece and it is near impossible to find Greek food that surpasses restaurants in Greece As someone who has tried a lot of souvlaki and gyro in Greece (both in tourist and non-tourist areas), I can wholeheartedly say that Greek Street Food Souvlaki gives more than just an authentic experience. It manages the impossible and has certainly become one of my favourite Greek restaurants to dine at. The restaurant has something for everyone. You can enjoy pork gyro during the weekend, chicken gyro during the week and you can enjoy chicken, lamb, and pork souvlaki anytime. The amazing part of this restaurant however is the vegetarian and vegan options that they offer. For vegetarians they offer grilled halloumi, grilled vegetables (aubergine, red peppers and more!) and mushrooms in a pita coated with tzatziki and their amazing signature sauce. For vegans they offer pitas with either a bean burger or a beetroot burger. Trust me, even if you do eat meat you will definitely want to try both of these options. Every pita contains chips with the skin on for extra flavour, that are of very high quality and perfectly fried to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just buying the chips on their own with some feta and the signature sauce is a very wise decision. The meats, pita bread and feta come from Greece, the sauces are made on the premises and the vegetables arrive fresh everyday.

Taking the aforementioned into account, it is quite cheap, as you can enjoy such quality at five or six pounds for a pita, and the chips with feta for four. Getting such high quality at such a low price is truly unheard of in York. The amazing combination of flavourful food and cheerful and talkative staff definitely makes this place one of the hidden gems of York and one of the best establishments to dine at. It truly is a shame that they do not have their own space yet, and only have a food stand, but they remain open to suggestions and a cooperation with the university to bring the food we love closer to the students. Perhaps York: Spark could be an option for them, regardless their future is bright. It is open every day from twelve until five. Next time you pass by the Shambles, I suggest checking this place out. You will not regret it.