The York Easter Egg Hunt


Leah Hulmes encourages students to explore the chocolate haven that is York

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By Leah Huws

York is known for it's rich chocolate history. Who can fail to notice the dreamy smell of chocolate which each week wafts across campus? York is of course the home of Rowntree's and Terry's, with Henry Rowntree establishing his business in the mid-nineteenth century in York. The array of chocolatiers in York is testmanet to these claims to confectionary fame. The city even plays host each year to the York Chocolate Festival. Running from the 25th to the 28th March the festival offers chocolate demonstrations as well as various pop ups from the cocoa houses of York. With Easter coming it would be a real shame to miss out on some of these decadent delights. Rather than buying your standard run of the mill and often flavourless supermarket Easter eggs, treat your loved ones to some of York's finest chocolate works. Here we give a run down of the best chocolate shops in York to check out. Remember that while you're shopping it's always the rule to 'sample' as much as possible... just to be sure.
York Cocoa House
Image: York Cocoa House
Image: York Cocoa House
Situated on Blake Street, opposite Ask Italian, York Cocoa House is known for its quirky and alternative chocolate creations with a shop and cafe on its premises. From classic homemade truffles and praline to a chocolate infused Yorshire rarebit, York Cocoa House is known for pushing the boundaries of cocoa. The standard of chocolate here is high and beautiful packaging ensures the quality of your gift will not be lost this Easter. Whilst their Easter eggs are almost works of art, for a truly unique Easter present the shop offer an array of chocolate master classes. Workshops from truffle making to how to cook with chocolate, are perfect for chocoholic relatives or friends visiting York. Monk Bar Chocolatiers Monk Bar Chocolatiers are York's longest established artisan chocolatiers, and can be found tucked away on the Shambles. Stepping into the Victorian themed shop is an experience in itself - bags of chocolate hang from the beams and there's an old fashion artisan counter where you can pick and choose from a wide selection of truffles. Their variety of Easter eggs is just as eccentric, as the chocolatiers make everything from your average milk chocolate egg to a passion fruit speckled egg. Although their handmade products are far from cheap, they do claim to have the best chocolate truffle recipe in Yorkshire and their Easter packages are a delicious alternative to your average Easter egg. However, if you're after an extra special egg, the shop takes custom orders up to two weeks before the festival. York Chocolate story
Image: alh1
Image: alh1
If you're after an educational chocolate experience this Easter, the York Chocolate Story offers a unique and insightful look into York's vast sweet based history. Perfect for visiting friends and family, the centre offers a chocolate slab workshop after the history exhibition where visitors can turn their hand to making their own bar of chocolate. Even if you don't have the time, patience or resources to go through the exhibition or workshop, the York Chocolate Story offers a vast range of Easter eggs. Emphasising sustainability and welfare, the eggs are all made with fair trade chocolate. So if you're after a responsibly sourced egg this year, head to King's Square to qualm your ethical chocolate dilemmas.