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With the ball season imminently approaching, the shoot embraces formal wear elegance

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By James Hostford , Beki Elmer , Grace Howarth , Kayleigh Sutton , Sarah Martin , Sophie Crump , Jamila Hamze , Jerome Legros and Rob McConkey

[gallery ids="123433,123414,123413,123412,123411,123410,123409,123408"] Fashion Editor and Creative Director: Beki Elmer, Photographer: James Hostford, Models: Rob McConkey, Jerome Legros, Sophie Crump & Jamila Hamze, Makeup: Sarah Martin, Hair: Kayleigh Sutton, Assistant: Grace Howarth. Womenswear courtesy of Chic by Choice Menswear courtesy of Moss. Bros With thanks to Middletons Hotel Shoes and accessories: model's own