Review: Georgina's Cafe


A gluten-free haven of indulgent cake and caffeine-fueled delights

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By Rosanna O'Donnell

71 Low Petergate
Courtesy of Georgina's Cafe
Courtesy of Georgina's Cafe
The end of exams and a mid-term visit from the mother: cue another visit to the tea rooms. This time it's Georgina's on Low Petergate that we dip into, with a little more time to spare than last time. The agenda is the same though: coffee, cake and make it gluten-free, please. Well Georgina's certainly did; a gluten-free Lemon Polenta Cake to be exact. A refreshing, moist and generous slice of cake complimented my pot of tea excellently. Mother hit the caffeine before Father puts them on the detox next week, with a cafetiere of coffee and a slice of Coffee and Walnut Cake, which drew us in when we spotted it in the window. A substantial slice of cake laced with "very tasty" icing and sprinkled with big chunks of walnuts, the cake matched the rest of Georgina's array of cakes in its mouth-watering presentation. As you step through the door of Georgina's, leaving behind the bustle of Low Petergate, you enter a tranquil, traditional tea room. The staff at Georgina's have organised the cafe's tables to slot spaciously around one another, offering a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, with enough space to make your visit feel personal. There are also sofas at the back of the cafe which I eyed up enviously but were unfortunately already filled. Georgina's offers much more than just afternoon tea, serving food from breakfast to lunch, with options spanning from a traditional cooked breakfast to sandwiches and fish and chips at lunch, with gluten-free options and alternatives along the way. The menu offers a wide variety of meals, with options to please everyone. Whilst I dug in to my slice of cake, the plates of hot food being served around me looked delicious and have definitely tempted me to return for lunch. All in all, the cake was scrumptious, the tea, delicious (Although I haven't had a bad pot in York) and the entire experience utterly divine. The exterior to the cafe isn't particularly eye-catching, and the interior decor doesn't ooze the quaint sophistication of some of York's more famous tea rooms, but one look at the cupcakes in the window and you won't be able to resist. Take a wander past and see for yourself.