2014/15 Editorial Team

Editor | Grace Marsh
Deputy Editor | Lewis Hill

Managing Director | Aaron Stennett

Technical Directors | Owen Hurford and Toby Makins
Deputy Technical Director | Josh Goodwin

Design Director | Alex Donaldson

Online Editor | Alfie Packham
Deputy Online Editor | Shahreen Vacha

Social Media Director | Victoria Chater-Lea

Advertising Director | Hatti Linnell

Chief Sub-Editor | Erin Rodgers
Deputy Sub-Editor | Sam Hickford


Editor | Deborah Lam
Deputy Editor | Kate Barlow

Nouse News

Editor | Amy Wong
Deputy Editors | Tess Pullen and Irina-Ileana Istode

Nouse Comment

Editor | Niall Whitehead
Deputy Editors | Jacob Miller and Amy Gibbons

Nouse Sport

Editors | Matt Kirkum and Tom Harle
Deputy Editors | Rob Middleton and Previn Desai

Nouse Politics

Editor | Katy Sandalls
Deputy Editors | Marie Poupinel and Robin Bandar

Nouse Photography

Editor | James Hostford
Deputy Editors | Adam Rummer and Raymond Wong

Nouse Science

Editor | Sam Wainwright
Deputy Editors | Filip Preoteasa and Emily Hoyland

Nouse Business

Editor | Sam Russell
Deputy Editors | James Pascoe and James Humpish

Nouse Features

Editor | Jasmin Hayward
Deputy Editors | Connie Shaw and Jack Richardson

Nouse Arts

Editor | Lily Papworth
Deputy Editors | Lara Swan and Joel Down

Nouse Fashion

Editor | Beki Elmer
Deputy Editors | Grace Howarth and Melissa Temple

Nouse Music

Editor | Chris Owen
Deputy Editors | Callum McColloch and Ricky Jones

Nouse Film

Editor | Rosemary Collins
Deputy Editors | Alex Killeen and Rhys Thompson

Nouse Food & Drink

Editor | Emily Myers
Deputy Editor | Kayleigh Sutton

Nouse Gaming

Editors | George Nanidis and Adam Koper