Penalty for submitting work up to an hour late halved

[Image: pexels]

Students will be less severely penalised for submitting work up to one hour late under new rules compared to the previous assessment season. Work submitted up to one hour late will suffer a five per cent mark reduction, instead of the previous ten per cent reduction. Submissions after one hour for the first day will continue to be deducted by ten per cent. A further ten per cent will be deducted each day after that, for a total of five days. After a total of five days, the mark will be zero.

This means that if the deadline for a submission is 12:00:00, work submitted from 12:00:01 to 13:00:00 will receive a five per cent reduction in the mark. Work submitted from that point for the rest of the day will receive a ten per cent reduction in the mark. Guidelines state that submission points must be open at least three hours before the deadline and all students physically queuing for submission before the deadline are not to be penalised.

YUSU Academic Officer James Hare commented to Nouse on the change: “I’m very happy that the University has listened to the views of students and changed their approach to late submission penalties. Once again it shows the benefits of YUSU, the GSA and the University working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for students. It should be said though that this change shouldn’t change the approach of students to their assessments – it’s still best to complete them on time!”

Although alterations were made over the summer, the change in rules will be most relevant over this holiday break, as many students complete their first major round of assessments since the reduction in the penalty. You can read the fully updated Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking, and Feedback here.