Derwent Winter Formal tickets leaked early to JCRC

The tickets were slated to go on sale at 9:30pm but were sold out by 9:34pm leaving many without tickets

Credit: Baluga Photography

Derwent JCRC members leaked the link to the highly-anticipated Winter Formal 30 minutes early in order to secure tickets for themselves before general release. Screenshots of a post in a Facebook group for the JCRC were posted anonymously to the “Spotted Derwent” Facebook group, showing a member of the committee announcing that the JCRC will receive early access to the tickets, which traditionally sell out in under an hour, and jokingly asking the committee to buy them and another member a drink as repayment for the early access. It is unknown if this early access has been offered in previous years.

The link, however, was not exclusively for Derwent JCRC members as it was available to access by any student who had the link without any verification that they were on Derwent’s committee. The only posting of the link came through the private JCRC Facebook group at 9pm before the general release at 9:16 pm according to the “Spotted Derwent” post (nearly a quarter of an hour earlier than expected). This resulted in the tickets for the formal selling out at 9:34 pm on Monday 5 November, just four minutes after the time when the tickets were slated to go on sale. Consequently, many who had been waiting for the tickets to go live at the allocated time missed out on the showpiece event of the Derwent College calendar.

The reward for the JCRC comes after a lacklustre year for events in which the committee had to cancel their “Fantas-D” event after only selling a handful of tickets.

The anonymous whistleblower criticised the “clique that the JCR[C] is”, calling their lack of response “embarrassing”. The current Derwent JCRC is largely made up of current or former members of Derwent’s Netball, Football and Rugby teams.

Nouse spoke to a Derwent student about the sell-out. They said: “Everyone knows that the Derwent Committee, after consistently underdelivering, keep rewarding themselves.

“It’s an open secret that they do this with tickets and nobody’s surprised that it’s come out.

“If they spent more time making the events good, rather than figuring out how to get themselves in for free, maybe they’d have sold enough to not have to cancel them.”

The issue is likely now to be one that will be explored in the upcoming college elections, the voting for which is currently open.

Derwent JCRC posted a statement on their Facebook page in response to the message: “To ensure that the Derwent Junior Common Room Committee can all be present at the Derwent Junior Common Room Winter Formal, they are allowed early access to the tickets. On this occasion, due to an administrative error, there was no cap on the number of tickets available – this meant that anyone already waiting to buy a ticket was able to do so 15-20 minutes before the advertised release time.”


  1. Absolutely disgraceful – it’s great fun if you’re one of the rugby lads or netball girls and got the link half an hour early and are best mates with someone on the JCRC – but what about everyone else? What. A. Joke.

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  2. This is on par with the crap on the daily mail, it’s a college event. Who even cares.

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  3. 6 Nov ’18 at 8:19 pm

    Get Involved

    The reason the JCRC is made up of members from sports teams is due to the fact that they are the ones that want to be involved. You can’t link the fact they are on these teams with your distaste for the JCRC. Considering some of the members of the teams didn’t get tickets it hardly warrants an article or even an argument on this topic.

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  4. Can’t let netball hold the jcrc hostage for another year running. Absolute joke.

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  5. Can’t let netball hold the jcrc hostage for another year running. Absolute joke.

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  6. Dead article, doesn’t warrant a story. And if you’re so bothered by the make up of the JCRC, why don’t you run for a position yourself so we don’t end up with a choice between one person or ‘reopen nominations’?

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    • Big friend of the JCRC, Alex?

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      • 6 Nov ’18 at 11:41 pm

        Derwent Student

        Exposing an Anonymous commenter, isn’t that against YUSU guidelines haha? Poor journalism once again by writers who couldn’t get a ticket in time – the warning were there that they would sell out quick, keep up with it lol.

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  7. Ex-student, ex-Nouse and ex-JCRC here. This has happened for many years and simply isn’t news. The JCRC has always been a clique made up of netball, rugby and football because they are the most involved in college life. Tickets are always reserved for the JCRC. Why the sensationalism? Disappointed in the current Nouse team. This reeks of resentment, not objective reporting.

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  8. Bagley for Chair

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  9. The whole point of it being a ‘clique’ is that it discourages other students not part of said ‘clique’ from running for positions. The only people defending the current running of the JCRC are clearly all members of the JCRC who are horrified because their crooked ways have been exposed. Maybe they should stop patting each other on the backs for their ‘Derwent Spirit’ and come out and admit mistakes.

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    • I would never say the JCRC is a ‘clique’ – there is a massive range of people in the JCRC (43 people), expanding from all walks of college life; be it sports, arts etc. The JCRC gives everyone an opportunity to talk, so why not make your concerns clear? Funny how people bitch about the runnings of the JCRC, but the rest of year there is not complaint – get off your high horse.

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  10. The article seems to list a lot of problems without solutions. If the committee is cliquey and full of sports team members, how is that going to be fixed. Any election be it MP’s, Presidents, or JCRC it all boils down to a popularity contest. I’d honestly love to see how you’d fix it considering people are rarely going to actually vote based on manifestos when the majority of people running are making promises they can’t keep. When you have a candidate for secretary and another for ents promising mic nights when mic nights are constitutionally the bar reps responsibility.

    Stop being naive and thinking that people aren’t going to vote for their friends in a college committee when manifestos mean nothing

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    • I would like to direct your attention to the tab at the top that says “News”, not “Comment”. I’m not offering a solution because this is a statement of fact e.g: a “News” article.

      And everything you say about the JCRC’s is true. Difference between us is that I think it being called out in the public arena is the way to fix it. You’ve asked me what I would do to fix it but seem content to let all the problems you’ve rightly detailed slide. So as I am doing what I can to fix it, I turn the same question to you.

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  11. As someone running for Derwent College Chair, thought you’d be interested to hear my take.

    I agree in part with the article in that the JCRC made a mistake. However I do believe those who have worked hard to organise the event should be guaranteed to go. Releasing them early, and falsely giving a time for everyone else was not the right way of achieving this. It definitely could have been handled better and the JCRC would probably admit that. A couple of the previous comments have suggested what you’d actually change? I’d suggest a standard ticket time release which does not change, no matter who they are – and those who have worked hard and given their own time to make the event the thing that it is are given the opportunity to buy their ticket on an individual basis beforehand, without affecting the general release time. This avoids all the “friends of the JCRC” jumping on board with them early.

    As for the JCRC appearing as a cliqué, this incident clearly doesn’t help that perception, and that would be something I would really look to stamp out if I were elected Chair. I accept that as the Derwent Rugby President going for the Derwent Chair position only reinforces the perception of an apparent cliqué – however it also makes me acutely aware of the issue raised. Like I said in my hustings speech and something I also alluded to in my manifesto, it is something I would really attempt to address, and it’s far from a “£1 pints at d bar” false promise. I really have tried to make my manifesto as realistic as possible based on my experience working with the college previously. I don’t see the merit in saying you’ll do something you know physically can’t.

    As you could see on my manifesto (5th point) I’d first want to make expressly clear to the future Derwent Sport Presidents, JCRC and all members of the college that Derwent is not any one persons or groups, but everyone’s, and would expect the JCRC to act accordingly. I would also make the decisions made by the JCRC far more transparent, by putting JCRC meeting records on social media for everyone to see. I’d also strive to be open to points, feedback and criticism from all of the college members and generally make the JCRC and it’s operation far more clear. Perhaps I could look into a yorfess type link for feedback.

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  12. 6 Nov ’18 at 11:57 pm

    3rd Year Student

    This is actually awful. Derogatory report on VOLUNTEERS, who take time off their uni work to try make the college a better place. Yes, some events are not successful, but the people of the JCRC put in their own time to try pull it off – they don’t need to? So funny how a YUSU backed paper could get their facts so wrong, employing editors who can’t produce fair and factually CORRECT stories. Hope this writer gets fired lol, good luck getting a journalist career with this load of trash.

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  13. Every Derwent student has an equal opportunity to run for a role on the JCRC through a democratic election, and every student also has an equal vote. As a result of this, the current JCRC has a diverse range of volunteers with different interests, many not including college sport!
    It’s horrendously embarrassing for a student run paper to resort to personally insulting student volunteers to generate ‘news’ because their investigative journalism attempts have all dried up. Check your facts and perhaps get a new hobby x

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  14. Imagine spending your spare time writing articles about a derwent college event.

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  15. It’s incredible that such a non-story has been published. As a previous comment stated, this article, and the overall furor, reek of resentment. A lot of those who haven’t got tickets are those who don’t get involved in college activities week in, week out; which is why I personally find it amazing that they take umbrage to not being able to attend the one college event they want to all year. This story has been unnecessarily sensationalised, and it’s quite frankly embarrassing that there is such an issue over such an insignificant event here.

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  16. haha, xd, upvotes for all my fellow Derwent JCRC members, :^), it’s another year of a pointless feud between Derwent and student media because the latter tell everyone when the former are being dipshits :^))

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  17. 7 Nov ’18 at 11:17 am

    Live for the drama


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  18. Nobody is arsed JCR members get early tickets but it’s bs that their mates would’ve also been able to take advantage, especially because so many of the jcr are in their second year. It’s meant loads of 3rd years have missed out on their last chance to go to the formal just coz they didn’t know the tickets had gone up and that’s the problem here

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  19. A thoroughly unfair and unnecessary article. This is an absolute non-story, and a full retraction and apology should be published for the distress that this has undoubtedly caused the JCRC volunteers who have been named and criticised in the article.

    This has been written as though it were about Cabinet Ministers or members of high public office. It is another example of the student media seeking to craft a scandal when there really isn’t one.

    It’s in very poor taste to criticise and, in particular, publicly name student volunteers who give up their free time to try and make the college a better place. The Derwent JCRC only ever have the college’s best interests at heart, and have worked very hard to put together a very strong calendar of events for all Derwent students to enjoy.

    As such, it is deeply insulting and ungrateful to refer to the JCRC’s efforts over the last 11 months as a “lacklustre year for events”. I see no mention of Big D, Cabaret D, Beach D, 90s D or the sold-out Halloween D. Derwent is the only college to run its own regular club nights and in no way are these “lacklustre”.

    The Derwent JCRC elections are among the most open in the university, and frequently have the highest number of both nominations and voter turnout. D-Bar is always packed for Hustings, and every candidate is always given a fair chance to speak.

    A little bit of research would have told you that the JCRC are given a link to the Formal Tickets early every year as a reward for their hard work as, and I can’t stress this enough, volunteers.

    Unfortunately it is very easy to criticise from the outside. Those who attack the work of volunteers are rarely keen to take on the commitment of a role themselves. If you have an issue with how things are, running for a position yourself is how to solve it.

    Many members of the JCRC do play sport at university, yes. Considering that, combined, Derwent Football, Netball and Rugby have in the region of 200-250 members, it is very unsurprising that this is the case. It is in no way a ‘scandal’ that there is a connection between those who get involved in college sport and those who get involved in the JCRC.

    Unfortunately, JCRC volunteers are very rarely given thanks for the hard work that they put in to make the college a better place. To go beyond this and actually start to individually criticise them is nothing other than extremely ungrateful.

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  20. 7 Nov ’18 at 12:40 pm

    Gemima Vinegar

    Hi guys x

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  21. I think there are 2 key points here which people are failing on both sides of the argument to address:

    1. The JCR are of course entitled to go to the event they are on the committee for, it is *fair* for them to get early access to tickets, and they should be thanked for the hard work they do all year round.
    2. However, it was *unfair* for the early access to be passed around to their mates who were not on the JCRC – there is anger here that they were purchased by the ‘best mates’ of those on the rugby and netball teams.

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    • Completely agree – this shouldn’t be about about the JCRC themselves but the the problem here is that the link to buy the tickets was distributed amongst the friends of people on the JCRC (likely to members of sports teams as the link got posted in sports teams chats etc.) – this is obviously wrong and gave certain people an advantage who should not have had one.

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  22. My god all of you just need to get over yourselves and calm down haven’t you got formatives to do?

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