September 2018

Aung San Suu Kyi – from the oppressed to the oppressor

She has through her own lack of action gone from being oppressed to being the oppressor. That in itself is a tragedy

A Freshers’ Guide to Halls

Living in halls is unlike anything you have experienced before or will ever experience again. Rosemary Evans offers a quick guide on how to survive

‘You Don’t Know Me’ singer RAYE to headline Freshers’ Festival 2018

Radio 1 DJ Dev, Lost Tiger, and Haus of Dench support alongside a host of student acts

Review: American Animals

Raquel Bartra argues that this true story is better and stranger than fiction

Theatre Review: Square Rounds

Megan Roberts discovers that magical poetry and chemical warfare prove truth is stranger than fiction

“UEFA’s Nations League offers hope for football’s elite”

We have to accept the new tournament or internationals are doomed to be boring, argues Chay Quinn

Lee Nelson to headline Comedy Night 2018

Matt Richardson and Sophie Duker join Lee Nelson as supporting acts

London Film Festival 2018: Preview

Andrew Young previews another feast of cinema screening across London this October

“Serena, you’ve picked the right battle at the wrong time.”

Congratulations to Naomi Osaka for her victory: a worthy winner, a new name to revere and hopefully she will get…

“I didn’t recognise my abusive relationship at first. I want to help others learn how to.”

We need to realise the long-term effects that negative teenage relationships can have on our lives

John McCain: Reflecting on the life of the ultimate bipartisan

Patrick Walker remembers the career of one of Washington’s best dealmakers

Theatre Review: The Habit of Art

The Habit of Art is a curious play. It’s a play-within-a-play, offering us a look at an ageing W H…