FIFA World Cup: Day Three column

tries to contain his hatred for Mark Lawrenson, mocks Messi and holds onto this column for dear life

VAR is the current star of this World Cup. For the record, I am a big fan of it. Fairness above all else has to be the aim for FIFA and they can’t be seen to allow injustice for entertainment. Not when these vast swathes of money are involved. But that’s for a more serious discussion than I’m willing to do in this column.

Someone said to me that the monster Saturday of football that this World Cup day was would result in World Cup fatigue. They said that four games over ten hours would hamper my enthusiasm for the greatest show on Earth. Did it fuck. Four games at the highest level might seem like having Christmas every day. But it’s just Christmas for me.

Quick shout out to Paddy Power. The bookies are donating £10,000 pounds for each goal scored by Russia to tackling homophobia in football. Take that, Putin!

The first of the day’s action saw France get me my first points in my score prediction tournament (cheers, Pogs) but the game was notable for the use of new technology in both of France’s goals. Eight years ago, the score might’ve been 0-1 to Australia. As it was, it was 2-1. My moment of the match has to be full-time, for that was the moment when I could shut off BBC One and stop listening to Mark Lawrenson, a man who has less football knowledge than our new Editor, Oscar Bentley, and that’s saying something. Side-note, well done Oscar. Please keep What’s On.

In my previous column, I stated my affinity for Peru. Their fans have taken over Moscow by all accounts. I am supremely pissed off that the lacklustre Danish side managed to beat them 1-0. Peru were good though. They’ll do well.

The best moment of the day, though, was Messi missing a penalty in Argentina’s 1-1 draw with Iceland. Argentina are crap. They have Messi, who isn’t as good as he used to be, in a team full of bang-average midfielders and defenders. Messi isn’t a leader. He is a great star, but he doesn’t make those around him better.

Finally, Croatia proved themselves as one of the better sides of this tournament by cruising against hipster-kitted Nigeria, eventually winning 2-0. I hate the way that shirt has been overhyped. New Sport Editor, Jordan McWilliam, and I agree: South Korea’s home kit is much better.

You will be treated to Jordan’s thoughts tomorrow, you lucky things. I can’t stay on forever, try as I might. See you all soon.

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