RAG bungee jump raises over £6000

Over fifty students participated in the jump for charity [Image: Dexter Ford, YUSU]

Last Wednesday, 6 June, saw over 50 students gather on Hes East to perform a Bungee Jump to raise money for the charities Action for Children and Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), the YUSU RAG charities. Students were raised into the air on a plat-form suspended by crane before swan diving from a height of 75 feet. They then bounced and hung in mid air over the lake, before be-ing slowly lowered to the ground, with the entire experience on aver-age lasting five minutes.

The preparation leading up to the event has been going on for many weeks, with participants fundraising since 2 May through fundraising website JustGiving. To participate, students had to pay a deposit of £30, and had a fund-raising target of £75 – which was needed to cover the costs of hiring the bungee jump equipment. In total the event raised an impressive £6485 through the JustGiving page, which will be used to support the work of the RAG charities.

The event had been organised by YUSU RAG Officers Elina Kukk and Lucy Waldren. Kukk expressed delight that the event was “absolutely incredible – we’re so proud of everyone, such a good effort to fundraise through the exam period! Our committee has done a tremendous job pulling this off as our first event – and the bungee jump showed exactly why RAG is such a joy to be a part of!”

The top three student fund-raisers managed to raise £345.53, £298.22, and £294.53 respectively, with Ashlyn Goubault-Ebanks raising the highest amount. Both brave and sickly faces ascended up on the platform, with Nouse’s Editor Jacob Phillips failing to jump after the “3…2…1” and having to have his countdown restarted. Mikey Collinson, YUSU Stu-dent Activities Officer, commend-ed the efforts of Elina and Lucy, thanking them and the YUSU RAG Committee for “putting so much effort into organising the event.”

Nouse Editor Jacob Phillips recovering after the bungee jump [Image: Dexter Ford, YUSU]

It had “been a manifesto point of mine that Elina and Lucy also wanted to see happen. It feels absolutely amaz-ing to achieve it and I can’t quite believe we actually brought a bungee jump to campus! I remember in November when I was out in the city centre for RAG week, bumping into the sabbatical RAG President 2001-2 who saw the idea on my manifesto and was very interested as they tried to make it happen, on and off cam-pus, but were strongly advised not to in the end by the rest of their team and powers that be due to possible legal ramifications! So it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to overcome these concerns and actually do it!”

When commenting on the future of RAG events, Collinson said he hoped to see similar events in the future, “Personally, I think this sort of thing is exactly what RAG should be about – giving students the opportunity to do something exciting that they’d never thought about or be able to do otherwise, all for a fantastic cause! With the RAG committee this year I am very confident that RAG will continue to grow and develop and I’m excited to see what they get up to in the future.”

Kukk also commented on RAG’s future plans for the commit-tee, telling Nouse: “We are going big for Freshers 2018 and for RAG Week in Autumn Term (in Week 6), so keep your eyes peeled for that. We’re definitely looking into doing a similar event next year – be it a bun-gee jump, a skydive, or zip-lining through campus for charity!”

IDAS is a York based charity and provides help to those experiencing, directly or indirectly, domestic abuse or sexual violence. Action for Children is a national charity who aid disadvantaged children and act to prevent neglect and abuse. IDAS thanked the “the amazingly brave students” at York and all those involved, further congratulating students on the “amazing amount of money [they] all raised.”

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