York put on the ultimate display


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The ultimate frisbee game was mired in controversy and ambiguity as Lancaster seemed to be creating their own rules for the match. Despite this, York came out on top victorious winning the game 10-8 in the end.

The game of ultimate frisbee is self-refereed by the players and this time, after 60 minutes, there was a major disagreement between the two sides over the way the game should be governed. York assumed that the game would be refereed by the standard regulations used in ultimate frisbee, however, Lancaster wanted to use their own rules in a bizarre turn of events.

Covering my first ever ultimate frisbee match I was a bit bewildered with the events that were unfolding before my eyes. Not only this but this came shortly after a timeout and the half time break, which deviates from normal half times and actually takes place three quarters through the match, leaving me believing the game had ended. Eventually the teams agreed to a conclusion surrounding the rules and resumed play. However, this was not the only controversy on the day. The confusion was increased even further at the end of the game when the two teams were deciding how to end the match after York had got to 10 points. The two teams decided to end it there as York secured the victory.

The game got off to a fast start, with York dominating throughout the early stages. They added substance to their play by racing out to a 3-0 lead. The pick of the plays was an excellent diving catch in the end zone after the frisbee was launched a good 20 yards.

York continued to dominate the game, managing to put Lancaster under pressure and forcing turnover mistakes. From this York were superb on the counter attack, finding themselves in dangerous positions often. Just before the half (70 minutes into the 90) York found themselves with the largest lead of the game and also a game high 5-point lead, with a 7-2 scoreline behind them.

However, after the break the hosts came on the offensive. Looking to reduce the 5-point deficit that they found themselves in. As York melted in the heat Lancaster produced a great display to pounce on York’s tiring players coming back to within touching distance of York with the game at 9-8. However, with the game on the line York dug in to produce one last final piece of magic to secure the victory 10-8.

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