York archers break Roses losing streak

Image: David Shaw

YORK’S ARCHERS took the spoils in Roses Archery to end their outdoor losing streak and extend the success the club has seen this season.

Archery at Roses for the past 7 years has always been free points for Lancaster. For these past 4 years that I have been at the archery club we have had no suitable outdoor training venue. Last year the Lancaster archers had more experience on 22 acres than the York team, which was slightly embarrassing. Finally, after a hard struggle with the grounds staff, we got some outdoor training and boy does it show.

York were travelling to Lancaster as reigning indoor champions so the hopes were high despite still being the underdogs. We’ve been strong indoors for a few years now but outdoors we have always been bottom tier. This was to be the first outdoor competition of the season and the first time some of our novices had competed. 18 archers left from York with 13 experienced (been shooting for over a year) and 5 novices (joined this academic year).

We started off the day with a WA70 round for the experienced archers and a modified WA50 round for the novices. Both rounds involve shooting 72 arrows in sets of 6 at 70m and 50m respectively. This round determines 4 of the 10 possible Roses points and are awarded to individual archers for performance in their category.

Image: Chen Geng

In novice male Lancaster managed a point but it would be their only one. Flynn Moore beat all the Lancaster female novices by over 100 points to claim the first York point. Had she not then Jess Hutchinson would have taken it for York in a close second. Female recurve was slightly closer with Sarah Wilson securing her point over the Lancaster ladies by over 80 points. Male recurve was closer still with David Shaw managing only 10 points between him and Lancaster’s top male archer.

The next part of the competition came down to head-to-heads. This is a team event where three archers from each team face off against each other. Each archer from each team shoots 2 arrows at 70m for experienced and 50m for novices. The totals from each team are summed and the highest score from that end (set of 6 arrows) wins 2 points, a draw nets 1 each, and a loss 0. First to 5 points wins the event with 4 Roses points going to the experienced winners and 2 going to the novice winners.

The novice team of Flynn Moore, Jess Hutchinson, and Chris Sydorenko had an early fumble with Lancaster gaining the first 2 points but regained form and finished strong with a 6 – 2 win. The experienced team of David Shaw, Alex Foote, and Duncan Garner had a tougher time with Lancaster managing 4 points before York took a definitive 6 – 4 victory.

Lancaster were brilliant hosts and those of the team that are still around next year look forward to fighting on a field where York actually have more experience for once.

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