Sports Editors Comment: Roses Edition

Roses is a festival of sport.  I was told this before arriving in Lancaster and I didn’t expect it to ring as true as it was. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting to have a Lancastrian square up to me at the pool of all things.  I wasn’t expecting to see York lose after being 2-0 up in the Opening Ceremony Football or, indeed, in the Closing Ceremony Rugby after being 12-0 up.

I wasn’t expecting to have calls for me to resign after wearing a red rose flower crown.  I wasn’t expecting to see a Lancastrian penis on the pitch at the football.  I wasn’t expecting to vomit in the back of a taxi without notifying the driver.  I wasn’t expecting Activities candidate, Jack Worrall, to be the saviour of the York spirits.  And I wasn’t expecting the massive victory that Lancaster eventually got.

Setting off at 9am on Friday morning was tough but our tired minds were quickly engaged by UYAFC’s quiz at the back of our coach.  The question that stumped us was one that I pose for you now: “Which player is the only one to have won the Champions League with three different clubs?”.  I hope it frustrates you as much as it did us.

Lancaster was a truly surreal experience, the atmosphere was electric and the amount of effort that LUSU had put in was palpable.  Burger and Ice-Cream vans, merchandise stalls, a full-blown stadium and a really cool live-feed streaming all around us in the area.  But alas, we were still provided with a room without Wi-Fi or power.

Such is the beauty of the Roses Weekend.  Unexpected highs and lows aplenty.  Thrilling sports, great atmosphere, about seven burgers, masses of beverages, and Adam Philpott photographing URY asleep in the Media Room gave me one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

Roses is about the fans and the sea of red that Lancaster produced at the big games with a massive crowd outdid most lower-league football games for attendance, and certainly for atmosphere. “Yorkshire” rang in my ears constantly.

From a media view, the days spent in the company of our colleagues at URY, YSTV, Vision and The Lemon Press were some of the best experiences we had.  The comradery and help they gave us was invaluable and we had some memorable times.

But the absolute best moment of the weekend was seeing Deputy Sports Editor, Jordan McWilliam, rock up to the office on Sunday night sunburnt.

I will end this note with some hope:  #MaybeJustMaybeNextYear