Everyman: Student Paradise?

The still fairly shiny-new Everyman York has launched a student cinema night in town. But is it worth it? investigates

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Benlyndon

Comfortable sofas, pillows, and the benefit of ordering food straight to your seat. If a commercial cinema in 2018 is to recapture the ‘magic’ of the cinema, the Everyman is it. But this usually comes with a price, in an eye-wateringly expensive ticket. Yet, the Everyman has now launched a student night. As the life of a student usually requires a sacrifice of the luxury, I surrendered myself to its comfortable seating and went to check it out.

Tickets are £11.50, which is a reduction on their average price of £13.50. Indeed, this more or less matches some weekend CityScreen tickets, but still comes well above their Monday prices, student or otherwise. Yet, with your Everyman ticket you also get a bottle of Estrella and a small popcorn. This is impressive, considering that popcorn and drinks at the cinema can force a student into their overdraft.

Yet, as a student night it’s still expensive. An ideal student ticket would be under a tenner, and the campus Student Cinema prices its tickets at £4. However, the Everyman has the advantage of not being in a lecture hall, and the beer and popcorn balances out the ticket price. When a friend and I attended the student night on Tuesday, she told me it was the best cinema she had ever been to.

It may not be only student night in York (keep an eye out for free E4 Slackers’ Club screenings at CityScreen), but it may well be the most luxurious. So whilst my dream ticket price would be even cheaper, at least there is a market now catering for student cinema fans. Would I go weekly? Maybe not. But for films I genuinely wanted to see, I would pick Everyman every time. It’s worth checking out.