May 2018

Setting the Night Ablaze in Palma de Majorca

Rhian Roberts takes us for a festive night out on a paradise island

When in Rome do as the Romans do

Flavio Sansa showcases the beauty of Italy’s most quintessential city

Vegan Eats: Simple Spaghetti with roasted vegetables

Many thanks to local food blogger @Everydaywithreay for providing the recipe! For more inspiration check out her Instagram page and give her…

A million times Yes: Ireland votes to liberalise abortion laws

The Republic of Ireland has voted by a landslide to liberalise its abortion laws. The Irish electorate voted by 66.4%…

Theatre Review: Holes

Four awful people become the last four people on Earth in this bleak desert island comedy. Ruth Lee went to The Drama Barn to see how they survived each other

How to Save the World: Become a Vegan!

James Mayer explores the myths about veganism and how veganism can in fact, save the world

York Research Spotlight : Dr Peter Mayhew

Department: Biology Current  project: Automatic Acoustic Observatories  – non-invasive long term monitoring  of acoustic species Advice to aspiring scientists: “I made the [initial] mistake of wanting to do everything…

Studying smarter, not harder

As exams approach, success is on everyone’s mind. Hard work is probably going to get you 80% of the way…

What we can learn from the ‘city in the garden’?

With the growing threats posed by global warming, the need for nations to take action is becoming increasingly apparent. Singapore…

Entomophagy: are insects the food of the future?

Imagine being transported 100 years into the future, what will have changed? What will have stayed the same, and what…

Review: Good Thing – Leon Bridges

Rising soul star Leon Bridges shows his talent, but there’s still better to come from him, writes Andrew Young

Theatre Review: All My Sons

The Drama Barn takes on an all-american classic of the theatre with All My Sons. Oscar Bentley sees how they rose to the challenge