York and Durham split available points in Pool

York Select battled to a 5-3 win in pool B while University college were convincing victors in the A match

Image: Adam Philpott

THE POOL FIXTURES saw mixed fortunes for York and Durham, as the former won the B match while the visitors claimed a dominant A fixture win.

York select came from behind to secure victory in the B match with one frame to spare, 5-3, whilst University college avenged this earlier defeat by taking all 5 points available in the top tier fixture after a convincing 6-2 win.

Those A fixture points for Durham, however, only delayed the inevitable overall Varsity victory for York, which was secured within the hour following pool A defeat.

The Pool B match started electrically as Collingwood took a 2-1 lead after the first three frames, putting them in what could have been a very commanding position. York’s team split into three pairs for the doubles element of the match and responded by taking these frames by storm. Jennifer Entwistle and Joel Wraith of Constantine stole the first of the doubles frames against a strong Collingwood pairing; Langwith’s Rhys Carey and Patrick Hook-Willers outplayed their opponents in an exciting and speedy encounter; with Abbey Telfer and Danny Biggs from Alcuin claimed the third and final pairs game on the last two balls, giving York a 4-2 lead.

At this stage of the match, York needed just one of three remaining frames to take the victory, a task that seemed a foregone conclusion given the momentum formed through the doubles success. However, they didn’t make it easy for themselves, losing the next frame and inviting unwanted pressure.

With the final frame being on the shoulders of Rhys Carey, he was keen for the team to have the match sealed up before his frame, a wish Abbey Telfer was more than happy to make true. Abbey played a blinding defensive frame, frustrating her opponent and punishing his mistakes, eventually sinking the black along with Collingwood’s hopes of an away victory.

The final frame was then just a formality, the hangover of victory getting to York who lost the final frame, leaving the final score 5-4 to York and a much-deserved victory against a team full of BUCS players.

Later in the day, York got off to a winning start in the A match, with Halifax’s Dylan Whittaker taking the first frame following a tense contest on the black ball. Grey, however, recovered by winning the next 3 frames.

A pivotal moment came in the doubles match involving the James pairing of Matthew Watson and Adam Philpott with the score at 3-2. York should have made it 3-3 after some astonishing cueing from Watson; however, with two shots on the black, Philpott did not find a way to kill the game, and a clearance from Grey stole the frame to extend their lead to 4-2.

Grey then put the victory beyond York with 2 frames left to play. Watson’s subsequent singles victory proved conciliatory as York select could not add to the victory seen in the B match earlier with the final score being 3-6.

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