International students pay quarter of tuition fees, despite making up 16.5% of university

The UK and EU flags side by side. Image: Dave Kellam

The UK and EU flags side by side. Image: Dave Kellam

International students’ tuition fees make up approximately 25 per cent of those paid to the University. While only 2 770 of the University’s 16 780 students are classed as international, £40.3m of the £160.1m in fees received come from these pupils.

These payments do not include those from the University’s 1020 EU students. Coming from the European Economic Zone, they are not counted among international pupils and they therefore pay the same fees as British students, regardless of the selected course.

The price for foreign students outside of the EEZ is not capped at £9250, under UK law. Costs can start at £16 620, such as for an English and Related Literature BA Hons, but swiftly rise. A BSc in Environmental Geography costs an international student £20 910 per annum. Hull York Medical School’s Medicine course, lasting five years, is even more expensive requiring tuition fees of £33 000 each year. International students are also subject to potential increases, though there is small consolation that these are capped at two per cent every twelve months.

Higher tuition fees are not the only additional costs facing international students applying to the University. Those who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK have to pay £335 to apply, from outside of the UK. These visas are subject to conditions, requiring a certain level of proficiency in the English language. While the University provides courses for this purpose, the prices range from £1500 to £6800 for eight weeks of teaching. They must also pay £150 per year for an Immigration Health Surcharge, alongside any extra visa costs.

While EU and EEZ students currently pay the same as those with home status, Brexit’s effect mean that this will no longer be guaranteed in the future. While the University has promised the blanket sum of £9250 per year for 2018’s new entrants, it will likely be under review after the UK’s European exit. It is unclear what costly effects they will face.

There are many other costs at the University for both home and foreign students: estimates for on-campus accommodation show catered students would expect to pay between £8483 and £10 203 per year whilst self-catered students would pay from £7803 to £10 083 per year.

Living off-campus is a similar investment, with estimates showing the price is between £8250 and £9550, with many of the students residing there having been rejected from campus options. Tuition fees come alongside the expenses of living independently, and the University receives far more money from international tuition fees in comparative proportion to the number of students from the UK or EU.

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