Films to watch on International Women’s Day

runs through the best films to celebrate women and female empowerment on this day

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Today is International Women’s Day, and there are surely many ways to celebrate women, their stories, their struggles, their strength. It is an excellent occasion to think about how much has been done to reach gender equality and to regain our enthusiasm to continue the fight. However, if your plan is to chill on the sofa watching a movie, do not despair, here you have some suggestions to add a feminist touch to your 8th March night.

Thelma and Louise

How else could I begin my list? This movie is a cult: perfect if you have never watched it, perfect to rewatch again and again. Two women leave for a car trip which unexpectedly leads them along the road of rebellion, discovery, fight and friendship. The iconic final scene is hard to forget.


Here it is: the story of the vibrator. It was invented at the beginning of the 18th century when many women were considered suffering from Hysteria, a sort of psychological state apparently bringing insomnia, nervousness and, guess what, lack of interest in marital sex. The treatment consisted of some “pelvic massages”, also known as masturbation. You can get ninety-five minutes of laughs, lyric orgasms, romance and women’s emancipation, in a
semi-accurate historical frame.


Keep the tissues at hand, this strong movie is a real heartbreaker. In a rural village in north Turkey, five orphan sisters face the cruelty of a conservative patriarchal society. Despite the arranged marriages, the bars on the windows and the virginity tests, it is impossible to contain the free spirit of these young girls which seems to be indomitable. A story of freedom and independence, laughter, tears and sisterhood.

Miss Representation

Fancy a documentary? Here you go. It’s on Netflix, written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom as part of a project promoting a more positive representation of women in the media. The movie is a thoughtful critique of how the mainstream media portray women and contribute to creating a specific female model, often devalued and stereotyped. We definitely need to start this conversation.

In Between

Set in Tel Aviv, three young women share the same apartment, struggling with a patriarchal society which is unable to find a balance between modernity and traditions. Three different stories, three different tempers, three different battles for independence, held together by strong female solidarity which is simply breathtaking.


“That’s all very interesting, but when I said I just wanted to chill, I meant it!”. Fair enough, I’ve got just what you need. Straight from your childhood memories, the most feminist Disney heroine. She cut her hair with a sword and goes off to war in place of her old, ill dad, pretending to be a man but fighting like a woman! Who hasn’t already watched Mulan? In any case, it is worth a refresher!

Some Like it Hot

Finally, are you a man desperately trying to understand what it’s like to be a woman? Well, you can always rely on Billy Wilder’s timeless classic! Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon have no choice but to dress up as women to save their lives and, trust me, they are hilarious.


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