York MMA take the fight to Durham

Credit: Catriona Stothard

LAST NIGHT YORK put up some incredible fights at Durham University’s first ever Fight Night event, with Megan Wright dominating against her opponent Roz Futcher from Portsmouth and Jack Edmondson proving to be a worthy opponent for Durham’s Jakob Stein.

On Saturday morning, the University of York’s Mixed Martial Arts club headed up to Durham’s much anticipated Fight Night for the first K1 competition of the year. Despite the early start to get there for the weigh-in at 11am, our fighters got their heads in the game and showed the other universities what they were made of.

Being the fifth and sixth fights of an event that was filled with some very skilled contestants, Jack and Megan had a lot to live up to. Jack was the first from York to enter the ring and, despite being against the home crowd, was able to put in a brilliant effort against his opponent. Though not victorious, Jack was certainly not easily defeated, landing some impressive hits and defending many leg kicks, knees, and clinches.

Megan was up next, and though the fight was a previously named non-decision, it was obvious that she dominated it heavily. Megan showed the booming crowd both her offensive and defensive skills, with some kicks and punches that left the spectators in a state of awe, while only allowing her opponent to catch her two or three times during the entirety of their fight.

Both fights were great to watchand thoroughly riled up the crowd, with the rest of the team from York screaming in support and even getting the rest of the room to yell ‘Yorkshire!’ many times throughout.

The atmosphere of the whole night was brilliant, with everyone cheering and yelling support for their own teams, as well as others. As the night went on, the crowd became more and more animated, especially when some Durham favourites, such as Tom Hamshire and Ethan Chester Lam, entered the ring against rivals from Newcastle and Portsmouth. It was brilliant to see so many different universities from all parts of the country coming together to participate in the event, especially when our fighters and team had put in so much effort to get there.

Enormous amounts of time and dedication went in to the preparations for this Fight Night. Megan and Jack trained ridiculously hard for weeks on end, while still studying for their degrees and continuing to help run the MMA club for all our future fighters. There was also so much help behind the scenes from other members of the club, such as the president, Violet Bennett, who helped with training and to organise the fights, as well as those who cornered during the fights: Theo Tanner, Mik Bernaciak and Tommy Maltby.

All in all, it was a highly successful and enjoyable day for York, and has got the team truly excited to host our annual Fight Night in the summer term, with hopefully even more fighters taking part and winning prizes for their efforts.