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THE VERY COLD weather is here with us and that affects no-one more here at Nouse than the sport team. My co-Editor Chay Quinn showed exactly how not to prepare oneself physically for the harsh temperatures at the Varsity qualifiers weekend. With the Varsity against Durham at the end of this month and the Winter Olympics underway over in the freezing Pyeongchang, it is timely to remind oneself in the absence of our mums of the essential kit for any sport reporter braving the chill, whether in South Korea or on the much less glamorous 22 Acres pitches.

The first essential piece of kit is a coat. This may seem obvious but, as aforementioned, it evaded the thought of my co-Editor as we watched the rugby qualifiers. You could very much tell that he is the newest member of our team. All he had was that Derwent jumper that everyone from the asbestos-ridden corner of campus seems to wear. While it suffices in many social situations (let’s face it, they’re nice jumpers by campus merch standards), it certainly did not on this particular afternoon on the RI. Perhaps he didn’t want to mask the jumper with a coat. In any case, no coat was a fatal error and he’ll certainly remember to bring one next time.

Fingerless or touchscreen gloves are the next bit of kit. You don’t want to be taking off gloves every time you need to make a note of something, and you’re definitely going to need something to prevent your fingers from seizing up as you type.

Batteries drain quicker in the cold so a portable charger is always handy. You don’t want your phone to die with 10 minutes left of a game you’re live tweeting on – especially if it goes to extra-time.

With this in mind, I hope you greater appreciate the content we managed to create before we lost the feeling in our hands and feet. Turns out the warmth of the Nouse office isn’t so bad. This edition includes a Nouse Tries with parkour; a rare piece on Formula 1; our campus section features a preview of Varsity; while on the back page Nouse Editor Jacob Phillips writes of his brief moment of freedom from the Nouse office as he ran in the biggest BUCS Athletics race of the year.

Catch you after Varsity, A.