The everyman’s cinema?

assesses the luxury and affordability of York’s newest cinema

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Benlyndon

The Everyman is York’s newest cinema, having taken over the now-extinct cheap favourite Reel. But how does it fare in comparison? 

Recently renovated for £3 million, the old Odeon’s Grade II listed building remains in its art-deco glory. The Odeon sign is still intact, whilst it now flashes ‘E’ for Everyman. But that may be the Everyman’s only similarity with its predecessor.

Whilst TripAdvisor reviews for the now defunct Reel claimed it ‘smelt of sewage’, the interior of the Everyman sparkles. Screening rooms have plush sofas with throws and blankets, which feel like they’ve been pulled straight from your posh aunt’s living room. It is a far cry from the battered seating of an Odeon complex. This home-feel comes with service, too. You can order a pizza or a coke float straight to your seat, whilst each sofa has a drinks table. As a friendly usher announces that they are your host for the evening, the emphasis on the Everyman is hospitality. Indeed, in terms of atmosphere and aesthetic appeal, Everyman far exceeds its City Screen Picturehouse competitor.

But how does its price compare? Unfortunately, the Everyman is not for the ‘everyman.’ It is no Odeon substitute for a cheap hit. Going to the Everyman feels like a special event, and a special, perhaps one-off, event it remains. The average ticket for a Saturday night is an eye-watering £13.50, which is even higher than City Screen, which students are regularly priced out of. There is a student discount, but it will only save you a couple of pounds on an already expensive ticket. Perhaps if the Everyman was an independent cinema exclusive to York, the ticket price would feel justified. However, it should be mentioned that it is a large chain running across the country, in spite of its cosy and welcoming feel. The film aficionado on a budget will have to go elsewhere, as the Everyman follows the trend of unaffordable places for York’s students.

Nevertheless, this cinema is the best I’ve seen in York. It is definitely worth a visit, and for a special occasion, I’d pick the Everyman over City Screen by far. The Everyman manages to combine the magic of the big screen experience with a comfortable home environment. Sadly, for us students, pricing out our demographic only increases the Everyman’s elusive desirability.