University announces £1.5 m waste contract with Yorwaste

The University of York has sealed a new five-year contract with Yorwaste worth £1.5 mn. Yorwaste will continue to provide recycling and waste disposal services throughout the University. The collection services will process 6500 bins around both campuses. Yorwaste will be delivering non-recyclable waste to the newly built Allerton Waste Recovery Park when it is fully operational, while green waste will be processed and made into Yorganics. 56 per cent of waste at the University is placed into non-recycling bins.

The deal between the University and Yorwaste was announced in January of 2018 and discloses a contract that will last until 2022. On the renewal, a University spokesperson told Nouse: “The University has decided to take up the option of the contract extension with Yorwaste due to a number of factors. These include the level of service delivery they have provided to us over the initial years of the contract, along with the continual improvement they have shown not only in their own service and sustainability but in working with us to improve our sustainability performance. Through Yorwaste the University are able to recycle more materials than a lot of other service providers and the waste collected from campus as non-recycling is now diverted away from landfill to generate energy instead. They also provide added value by helping the University on research projects as well as other student engagement”. Yorwaste initially had to undergo a tendering process, but has since led to a successful relationship with the University. The University’s Environmental Manager, Mark Clough, praised Yorwaste for helping “supplement the various recycling initiatives that we have implemented across the University, adding to our staff and student experience, and diverting all waste from landfill”. Meanwhile, Yorwaste’s Commercial Manager Gill Mulroe said that Yorwaste was “delighted” to have been awarded the contract.

Yorwaste is the largest company of its kind in North Yorkshire and is now working with the Amey Waste disposal group that built the Allerton Waste Recovery Park. The Park collects non-recyclable waste to either be reused, recycled or used in green energy production. Allerton Park’s management works in partnership with the North Yorkshire County Council as well as the City of York Council. The site is expected to be fully functional in early 2018. It will provide waste disposal services to the city and North Yorkshire area. Yorwaste will maintain control of green waste