On & On: Festival of Light

The party keeps going ‘On & On’

On & On’s Festival of Light truly surpassed any expectations of a good night out and made it truly unforgettable. The eclectic mix of techno, dance and disco music kept the audience on the hooked to the dance floor which was busy from the get go. The inclusion of Todd Terje and other house legends will hopefully change York student’s music taste for the better as the repetitive nature of York Parties wears thin, especially for non-freshers who seek a change from the monotony of Ed Sheeran and Soulja Boy.

The sold out event run by current and ex University of York students truly delivered what many students wanted and the event truly lived up to its name as a Festival of Light, as the light displays were phenomenal.

Image: On & On

On & On’s opening of the bierkeller area of Fibbers was also a great feature as it meant there was greater space and freedom for dancing, as well as extra bar space meaning time spent queuing for a refreshment or donut, was minimised, keeping everyone much happier as often in events it feels quite rammed, particularly as fibbers is not the largest space to express your true dancing colours.

The organisers should be proud of the event and I highly anticipate the next extravaganza that On & On create, which will be announced shortly.

Boogie-ing at the Festival of Light
Image: On & On