Campus sport at York: the best and the rest

Nouse Sport sits down with York Sport President Laura Carruthers to bring you a wrap up of the best York sporting moments in 2017


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Basketball Roses Opening Thriller

THE 2017 EDITION of Battle of the Roses, the annual recommencement of the Lancs-York rivalry, opened with a tantalizing Basketball match between the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster.

A packed York Sports Centre saw the Lancastrians taking the lead in the first quarter of the game, with York falling further and further behind in spite of the boisterous support the home team received from their fellow students. York entered the last quarter of the game twelve points behind Lancaster, the score being 32-44.

It was seven minutes before the end of the game when the winds of change turned the game in York’s favour. York’s attack managed a three-pointer, followed quickly by four points with shots from the line. With shouts of “York-shire, Yorkshire” cheering them on, York did what had seemed impossible and pulled even. With 30 seconds left, York Basketball delivered the winning shot and the biggest comeback the Roses had to offer that year.

The match, which is still spoken about in ‘Nouse Towers’, lives in the memory of the sports team and elevated the scorer of the winning basket. The atmosphere inside the York Sports Centre was electric and kicked off the eventually victorious Roses campaign in fine style, and allowed the hype of this seminal match to permeate through the rest of the Roses weekend.



Another highlight of 2017 was the success of York’s swimmers, who broke several records as they continued their impressive form throughout 2017. The event saw the women’s freestyle relay team of Rebecca Britten, Jodie Alder, Nisha Desai and Ellie Griffin set a blisteringly quick time of 4:16:23 and qualify for a national final as a result.

Women’s captain Fiona Whiting said of the achievements “this is the best result we have ever had from the women.” So impressive were the swimmers, during their competition in BUCS long course in Sheffield, that their brilliance was recognised by British Olympic swimmer, and current backstroke world record holder in 50 and 100 metres, Adam Peaty.



When talking about York sporting highlights of 2017, this moment may not qualify as a “highlight” per se but it was so brilliantly terrible that we had to include it: the debacle that faced the rowing team at the BUCS Rowing 8s Head.

After not having a suitable boat to race in, the team had to hire a boat in order to compete in the race. However, during the warm-up a footplate on the boat broke. With the boat beyond repair the team had to try and find another boat to hire. The team luckily managed to get another hired boat with time to spare before the race.

Unfortunately, the boat they hired was a women’s boat designed to hold less weight and as a result a seat broke. The team were then told they could not race without a replacement seat. After a manic period just before the race the team fortuitously managed to find a replacement seat, allowing them to compete in the race.

The team eventually finished 14th, 12 places greater than last year. A truly remarkable turn of events, but still some way off the expectations of a team who seem to train more times than they have meals and talk incessantly about the ever-changing world of training to race a boat down the river.



Another moment to remember in 2017 was the success of the York Men’s lacrosse 1s. The 1s bounced back in incredible fashion to reach the final of the Northern Conference Cup. After falling at the first hurdle, not being able to get past the first round in the previous two years, York men’s saw their fortunes finally turn around with a marvellous run to the final.

Despite losing the final 13-2 to Manchester Metropolitan University, this should not deflect from their remarkable achievement of reaching the final. This fine form was supported by their league performances: the men’s team won seven games in a row on their way to a second-place finish in the BUCS Northern 2B league.

At the end of 2017 the team sat top of their division having won all six of their games with a goal difference of 56, yet another feat to add to their fantastic year. The Lacrosse team is one of the premier sports teams at York and we can only hope that this success in the top tier of campus sport continues with the men’s team going one step further and bringing the Northern Conference Cup to York, and to help achieve York’s goal of being a top 35 sports university in the UK.


Nouse Tries

Over the past year many a Nouse Sport Editor and Deputy Sport Editor have committed themselves to partake in all kinds of sports. We have thrown editors out of planes, drowned them in canoes, made them play underwater hockey, and asked: if they can dodge a wrench, can they dodge a ball?

Our favourite Nouse Tries have been our current editor and Nouse Sport alumni Jacob Phillips’ foray into the exhilarating world of skydiving whilst grappling with a fear of flying. Once he managed to get up there and began his descent, he was able to bask in the subtle beauty of Swindon and all the iconic sights that it entails, which consists of one Honda factory and a filming spot for BBC’s Crimewatch; observations which have made him a very popular man at the Swindon Tourist Board, we hear.

Also notable is when current Sport Editor, Adam Philpott, tried Octopush, or underwater hockey to the common pleb; a sport which, as he put it, would be great as an icebreaker on your next Tinder date. Adam can’t be said to have taken to the sport like a duck to water with his own words describing his “floundering on the surface… coughing and gasping for air”.

Finally, the visual juxtaposition of the deft and toned figures of gymnasts with the hulking physique of former Nouse Deputy Sports Editor Jake Tattersdill, provided some of the most hilarious action shots of this year in Nouse (although Jacob’s pre-skydive look of terror gives it some fierce competition) and had both the editorial team and the Nouse readership baffled as to how he managed to defy physics and complete a front flip. Here’s to another year of editors making prats out of themselves.

In the next edition you will see Chay take on his first Nouse Tries by trying parkour, a sport that he is quoted to have only known from Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Andy Bernard from the US Office or James Bond from Casino Royale. Let’s hope that it doesn’t end up with him in a cardboard box, however, considering this is a man who had to go to hospital after mis-controlling a pass in a game of five-a-side football. The results should ensue with the same hilarity which Jacob, Jake and Adam set.


Honourable Mentions

2017 was a year full of memorable moments and for all those not already included, here are our honourable mentions: Roses saw the vice-chancellor’s croquet interrupted by two hedgehogs after then-YUSU president Millie Beach spotted them in a gutter. The two were named Henry and Edward, after the War of the Roses monarchs.

Badminton women’s 2s secured the two points for the white rose that pushed York over the winning line in 2017 Roses; the team was unaware of the significance of their win. Nouse had the pleasure of enlightening them.

In the summer of 2017, Jacob Phillips, then-Deputy Sports Editor, was a volunteer giving an insider’s perspective on the IAAF World Championships, noting both the ascendancy of cheeky Nandos into professional athletics and the incredible dedication and determination it takes to make it in athletics. And it turns out Justin Gatlin is an alright guy after all.

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