Top 10 tips for getting into vinyl

  1. Be smart. Seek out smaller independent vinyl stores rather than the larger chains. Earworm Records in Goodramgate is worth checking out.
  2. Be thoughtful, records need love and care. Don’t let dust, heat or scratches accompany your music.
  3. For storage, it is cosier for your records to lie flat rather than stacked in a bookshelf formation. This allows them to last longer and not bend.
  4. Always keep your individual vinyl in a sleeve and your whole record in a plastic cover. This keeps your record safe and the presentation intact.
  5. Don’t force others to listen to vinyl. Let them explore their own music path. Only then will vinyl listeners be separated from ‘hipsters.’

    Image: Wikimedia Commons

  6. Just because the record is new doesn’t mean it plays well (Catfish and the Bottlemen are especially known for this). Again, always get a receipt.
  7. Don’t scratch your record for the mixing. You are not a Nineties DJ, if it is not done properly you’ll only hurt the record.
  8. Grading of records is usually a good indicator of the price range, and also when buying online.
  9. A jumping record is not a broken record. It may just need a clean. Use a microfibre cloth or a record-cleaning brush. Also, the needle may just need some dust removing!
  10. If the record is second hand, always try it out before purchasing, this can usually be done in a booth. If this is not possible, get a receipt. Surface scratches are inevitable, it is the deeper marks that will cause the real problems.



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