A note from the Editor… 21 November 2017

As another edition of Nouse goes to print, its Editor has to come up with new ways to keep themselves from spiralling into what can only be termed as ‘Nousemania.’ With long, sleepless nights of reading articles, cutting out individuals from all walks of life in Photoshop, and constantly debating what the new all-important banner colour should be, new remedies are required to pull us away from our precious 48-page newspaper.

My latest trick has been to seek refuge in the world of television, although it is not easy to find the perfect show to ease the mind in all its entirety. I began by looking to cartoons for distraction. Cartoons are surely so far removed from the reality of the realm of Nouse that they should be able to provide at least some escapism, right? And yes, they proved to help somewhat.

‘The Simpsons’ has allowed me to hide away in a tranquil state of yellow-tinted humour where phrases such as “front page story,” “pdf to sub,” and “how have you managed to lose your key again Jake?!” cannot haunt me. However, ‘The Simpsons’ is in fact too strong a pull for procrastination. It is difficult, in fact, to turn away from Homer’s mischiefs, and thus he alone could be enough to halt the production of our campus newspaper.

A nostalgic trip into the simpler times of ‘Charlie Brown’ did not prove to completely put me at ease either. Watching Charlie and Snoopy play joyfully in this cartoon of old prompted me to think of how these characters would react to the politics of today. What would happen to Charlie and his school in the times of Brexit? Would Snoopy fall under Trump’s travel ban? To my regret, this too proved to be too distracting.

Luckily there was a light at the end of my procrastination tunnel, hidden in the deep oceans and magical realism of David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet II’. Finally I have discovered the cure for all those poor haunted ex-editors. ‘Blue Planet II’ is certainly the kryptonite to continual worrying. Here the tales of a lake within a lake, or a fish which can use tools, accompanied by the melodious voice of a national treasure, help to relax the soul and let it escape from the fiery hell of the Nouse office.

Like the entire population it seems, I too have a soft spot for Attenborough; from young David, with his youthful days of spooning with Gorillas, to last year’s David, who stood with such dignity and style on top of the Shard. I am certainly not the first to state that, like a glass of fine wine, Attenborough improves with age. Tweets from all forms of sources speak of his immortality, not just in the hearts of the British nation. Sadly, it looks like he will outlive the many endangered species of which he speaks.

If only there were more space in this column perhaps I’d have written an ode to Attenborough… his beautifully wispy hair, his ever present voice and his environmental crusades… On that note, I should probably try and find the key to the office…

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